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Are you using FaceApp? Beware of hidden risks

A couple of days ago, we discovered FaceApp

It is an app that would artificially alter faces to make them look younger or older. It had created a stir on the internet with a #FaceAppChallenge, especially with folks wanting to see how they would potentially look like when aged. Needless to say, we were curious and had used the app.

It all seems like harmless fun... until you upload your selfie to the app. There is a potential that your face and your data would end up landing in the wrong hands and use for the wrong purposes.

The main cause of concern lies in the extensive Terms and Conditions that raise privacy concern, Wireless Lab, the company behind FaceApp, is under a parent company based in Russia. It gets even more interesting. there are claims that the company receive findings from Russia government. A potential red flag for those well versed in the workings of cyberspace.

Let delve into the Terms and Conditions. Under Sections 5, you would grant the app 'perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide' rights to use your photos. If you grant access to your photo library., it might include your private photos too!

FaceApp's privacy policy also allows it to collect information sent to your device including the websites you visit, add-ons and other information it needs to help the app 'improve its service' This meant a wide reach to your personal information.
Not exactly glam looking here...
Given the red flags and its association, you might want to think twice about downloading and using it. Besides, you might just be freak out by the results... just like we did!


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