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ErgoBloom - The desk that help your kids to be slouch free!

Fancy getting a study desk that will grow with your child?

If you have a child, you would know that having a regular desk is simply not designed to accommodate their rapidly developing body. As they grow from a toddler to teen, their ever-growing physique would demand a desk of various sizes to suit them. During this growing phase, you probably would have changed desk or chairs 2 to 3 times to suit their needs. Not doing so forces you kids into a horrible posture, where they desperately contort their body to accommodate the rigid desk.

That's why a great alternative to a regular desk is a kid ergonomic desk.

These ergonomic desks are designed to grow up with your child – thus promoting good posture and reducing slouching. They cultivate good posture, minimize lower back pain, as well as creates a safe comfortable workspace for the kids.

Given that we are a pair of brothers who differs in height and size, getting a desk to suit us may sound challenging. With the ErgoBloom series – a set of ergonomic study desks and chairs for kids – the solution is much easier than perceived.

Why get an ErgoBloom study desk set?

With a couple ergonomics desk supplier in the market, it may be hard press to pick one. For us, the key is choosing one that benefits your child the most. Here’s what we love most about the ErgoBloom series.

It literally grows up with your child

ErgoBloom desk has an adjustable tabletop that can be adjusted according to your child's height. For a good sitting posture, the body should be sitting up straight with forearms and knees parallel to the floor. 

Given that your kid grows around 7 cm a year, this adjustability is crucial to ensuring good posture and prevent your kids from slouching!

ErgoBloom comes with an adjustable Easy Glide crank that can elevate the desk from 58cm to 80 cm. The Crank is very easy to use. Simply turn it and it will move the desk up or down. The mechanism runs smoothly when we tested it.

The adjustment allows the user to sit or stand when necessary. To achieve good posture and prevent back strain, it is recommended to alternate between sitting and standing. Not only does this help in preventing back pain, but this little exercise would also increase energy level and boost productivity.

The best part of this is that since the desk is adjustable according to heights if you have more than one child in the family and have limited space, this desk would be perfect for use for the whole family. It is so versatile that even an adult can use it.

Angled Top to prevent slouching

Another useful feature of the ErgoBloom Desk is the ability to adjust the tabletop. Angled Top eliminates slouching by providing a better angle for reading, writing and drawing. Keep it at an angle for easy reading and upright sitting posture. You could also lay it angled for writing.


Given the hours our kids spend at their desk, correcting posture from a young age will be beneficial to us in the longer run.

This is of special importance as bad posture during a kid’s developmental years could permanently hurt them into adulthood.

Non Reflective Surface

Unlike conventional tabletop, the ErgoBloom tabletop has a non-reflective surface. This is useful to prevent eye damage due to reflection.  If you are studying in the morning with the bright sun, there will be no reflection. Similarly, at night, the rays from the study lamp would not reflect on the desk. This reduces the risk of Astigmatism, myopia and other eye conditions.

Built in Drawer

There is a built-in drawer unit to place your stationery. It can fit A4 size papers in addition to other stationery. This is a good addition to the desk as it frees the table from a potential mess.

Bag Hook

There is a bag hook for you to attach your back on either side of the table. Simply hook up your schoolbag and you are ready for your study session.

Extra Accessories

These extra accessories come with the full package deal (Table and chair). You would get an additional shelf, a wrist pad and a foot stand. These items provide additional features to enhance your kid productivity as well as create a more conducive environment for them. 

The best part for this is that the items are FREE!*

*With the purchase of the ErgoBloom desk and chair value bundle

Why get the Bloom Chair?

There’s a great benefit in complementing the ErgoBloom desk with the BloomChair!

Flexible Split Back rest

The Bloom chair comes in matching colours with the desk.

A key function that really distinguishes it from competitors is the Flexible Split Backrest.  This unique feature reacts to micro shift in body weight and moulds your back to the backrest. With this design, there is 75% less stress on your back while sitting on the chair.

The moment we sat on the BloomChair, we could immediately tell the difference between a conventional chair and the BloomChair. The thick cushy backrest provided the support we need as we sunk into it. Unlike a conventional chair where you must sit up straight to get the full support, the BloomChair's backrest moved together with our body ensuring full support in whichever position we sat. It almost felt like there was a pair of invisible hands supporting our back when we sit. With this support, we tend to lean back and let the chair shape our back as it should. 

Chair that grows with you

The chair has 3 adjustable features.
  • Adjust seat up and down
  • Adjust seat front and back
  • Adjust backrest up and down
The height adjustment ranges from 120cm to 180 cm, thus ensuring that the chair provides the best posture for your child throughout their development.

Other features of the chair include double lock design, washable cushion cover, aluminium support frame and self-braking caster.

The self-braking casters automatically locks when seated to prevent rolling over kid’s toes.

Best Price in town
When you think about Ergonomics products, you would often associate with higher prices than a regular desk and chair.

We have checked the competitor's range of kids’ ergonomic desks and chairs and was surprised to see that ErgoBloom is retailing for almost half the price for a similar quality product.

The BloomDesk retails for $500 for a regular size, and $550 for large. The BloomChair retails for $530.

There’s great value in getting them as a package – it starts from only $780 with extra shelf, foot rest and wrist pad. The set is available in either blue or pink combo.

According the ErgoEdge, a key reason for their great price is how they source directly from the manufacturer (as opposed to a brand owner) - thus cutting middleman costs - which they then pass on to us parents.

Just how affordable is this?

A similar product is retailing for double the price. If you compared it to a regular desk and chair from Ikea, you would probably end up paying about the same for an Ergonomics product. Given the latter's versatility, it would make more sense to get the ErgoBloom Desk and Bloom Chair that will grow with your child.

What's more, we have a special code for readers. Enter the promo code wackyduo58 upon checkout and get $58 off any ErgoBloom product ( desk, chair or bundle deal)

Hurry offer last till 18 August!

Get your set here

Our Verdict

We love ErgoBloom’s standout ergonomic features and how it grows with your kids to ensure great posture. At it’s hard to beat price, the ErgoBloom is absolutely one of the most value-for-money children study desks in Singapore. It definitely is a welcome additional to our room. An additional bonus (at least for our parents), is that we might end up studying more because of it!

Visit ErgoEdge’s website to buy directly or;
Check out their showroom at the following address:

110 Lor 23 Geylang
#07-09 Victory Centre, (opposite Aljunied MRT)
Singapore 388410

TWD was provided a set of ErgoBloom Desk and Chair for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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