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White Rabbit Cake roll from Gin Thye : Sweet Delights!

Fans of White Rabbit Candy rejoice

Traditional Local bakery Gin Thye has created a White Rabbit Blancmanges Roll.

Through sheer imagination, they had turned the childhood White Rabbit Candy to a roll. The White Rabbit Blancmanges will be a mixture of Blancmanges, Angel Cake Roll and the essential ingredient - White Rabbit Candy.

Each cake measures 15 cm by 9 cm by 7 cm. The best bit, they are wrapped in Supersize White Rabbit wrapper similar to the original treat. Weighing at 400g, be prepared to run a lot after indulging in this treat. 
In case you are wondering, the ingredients are flour, eggs, sugar, milk, White Rabbit Candy, whipped cream, vegetable oil, gelatine, vanilla extract, souffle, cold water. Sounds like a major sugar overload!

The rolls can be purchased from Qoo10 at $9.90 per roll. You can only opt to pick it up from their Sembawang branch for free or pay extra $5.99 for delivery. Preorder 2 days in advance if you want a peice of it.

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