Catch me if you can - 700,000 cameras to monitor errant PMD riders

Speeding PMD on the pavement may be a thing of the past.

LTA will be introducing a 'Report PMD (Personal Mobile Device)/ PAB (Power Assisted Bicycle) on MyTransport.SG app to let 700,000 users to alert the authorities on nuisance riders.

You can now submit photos and video footage for LTA to do a follow-up. You need the following information when possible.

1) Photo or Video stating the device identification number of the errant PMD*
2) Select the nature of the incident
3) List your own contact.

*If users will still be able to submit the report even if they are unable to get the device's identification number. LTA will investigate and follow up with action thereafter.

Given the potentially huge number of cameras ( 700,000) and the placement of additional CCTV in hotspots around the idea, these are dangerous times to go wild on a PMD.

The measures will be introduced at the end of the month. In the meantime, you can download the app here

Google Playstore
Apple App Store

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