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D-link DCS 8515LH Review - Protecting your home and love ones

Want someone to watch over your home when you are not around?

For many getting a  security camera is an option. With  the wide array of cameras in the market, which one would you choose?
D-link 8515LH

The options available are getting an expensive security setup consisting of a few cameras with recording features. Alternatively, you could start off with a simple system from Dlink. The DCS 8515LH would be a good camera to start your search for security. 

Available from major electronic stores , it retails for $159 per set. Dlink has been in the market for security cameras for decades. Thus you can be assured of a well known brand that you can rely on. Prior to this review, we had personally used D-link cameras as our home set up. 

Front View
There are a few upgrades in this model compared to its previous renditions (we compared it to the D-Link 5222L that we currently have) that made it a standout. As per previous similar Pan & Tilt wifi model, the 8515LH comes with HD Clarity, sound and motion detection, day & night recording, panorama View Angel Selection and Two Way Audio.
Back view
The upgrades to this model include the following

Auto Motion Tracking 
This will follow the moving subject wherever they go in the room

360° View 
Compared to older models with a limitation of 170° rotation, this model allows a 360° View, covering the whole floor as needed.

Smart home compatible
 If you have Amazon Alexa or Goolge Assistant, it can be set up to work with it.
SD Card
Cloud Recording 
There is an SD Card in the unit to record events. In addition, it comes with Cloud Recording that can be enabled with the motion sensor.  Dlink cloud recording actually comes FREE with one-day recording limited to 3 devices. There is an option to upgrade, but we reckon this is good enough for most users. Compared to the older models that do not provide this, it is a great upgrade as it means you can view the events wherever you are and whenever you need. 

There is also a privacy mode that you can turn on and off , so you could control your privacy whenever you need it.
Guess which is the new model?

Operation of the device is via the new mydlink app.

You could use an existing account or sign up for a new one if you do not have. It will link to the rest of the devices you have at home.  Setup was pretty easy, follow the instructions to scan the QR code and the camera will be linked to your account. We complete the set up in less than 3 minutes.

The app has also new features such as a one-touch operation that changes your setting from Home, Away, Bedtime, Wake up and Panic. You could even set your own mode and preference in a preset setup.

You could set up how you want your cameras to react in each setting. You can also schedule your devices for full automation.

In addition, the 8515LH uses a Panorama View angel selection. This allows you to point at any target in the view with one-touch for a quick change of the view.


Compared to our trusty Dlink 5222, it made the older model look ancient and obsolete. The only downside is that the Dlink app is not 100% perfect. We had experience occasions when there is a minor lag in the pan-tilt control via the app. In terms of live views, depending on our network, we may experience a delay as well.  Nonetheless, with the feature pack app, there are more pros than cons using it. We think once the bugs are fixed, the app would be an awesome tool you have in your pocket.

If you are looking for your first security camera or would like to upgrade your current one, the Dlink DCS 8515LH will not disappoint.

TWD was provided a set for review. All opinions are of our own.

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