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Why you should get a Physical Singapore Driver's License

Do you know that Singapore Police will stop issuing physical Singapore Driver's License?

While many would say it's great because it is one thing less that you would lose carry, it might still be viable to get a Singapore's Driver's License.

Here are 4 reasons why you should get one.

1 A colourful photo of yourself
This one is for the Narcissist. The NRIC and the Passport only show a black and white photo. What if you need a coloured one to show your *ahem* true colours?

We think for that itself, it is worth it to get one.

2 As an alternative to IC
When you enter certain office premises, the security guards would usually request for a photo ID. Sometimes, you need your IC and could not provide them with it. When that happens, your driving licence will come in as a good substitute.

3 For overseas car rental
If you travel overseas and like to self drive, you would need a physical Driving Licence as proof that you can drive before renting a car. This is probably the MAIN reason why you should request for a Physical Driving Licence.

4 To show off  that you pass your test
Imagine that you put in all the hours and pass the test without anything to show for it. A physical driving licence would be useful to reward you for your hard work. In addition, just imagine that you pass and you would like to borrow a car from relatives or friend. It would be easier to prove to them that you pass with a physical licence.

There you have it, 4 reasons to get a physical driving licence.

In case you need one, you can head to the SPF website to find out how to get one here.

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