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Gojek Rides to install internal video cameras - Yes or No?

Do you remember this?

Ok, this may be old news and there is really no point bringing it up. The driver even got reprimanded for taking this video that probably saved his job and prevents accusations against him. However, this will change soon.

Gojek has announced that it will be the first taxi like operator to install inward-facing recorders in its cars!

The device will record video and audio footage which will be kept for seven days. It is said that these videos will be accessible only to the LTA and police, but it did not indicate how such videos would be monitor. Unless technology had been advance beyond us, we have yet heard about the remote recording of such devices. Most of the time, you would still need an SD card or internal memory to record. Thus this raises the questions. Would the videos be subjected to misuse?

Having videos is good for protecting the driver. However, if such videos cannot be secured, it could potentially lead to abuse resulting in loss of privacy and some times even modesty!

For Gojek customers, there is a choice. They will be informed once the vehicle with the camera is book. If they do not want to be recorded, they are advised to cancel. So far, no word on any other operators adopting the same stance.

What do you think?

Would you take a vehicle with an inward camera?

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