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How many Singapore are there in the world?

Is this Singapore?

Recently there was a post by Mr Brown that resulted in some hoo-ha about Singapore. He was highlighting a reply made to an innocent question about piercing in Singapore. One of the reply by Sonxa Dice, a former Government Regulatory and Environmental Attorney raised some ruckus.

The words used such as  ' less developed', 'poorer country like Singapore'  did not sit well with the locals. The notion of getting a piercing in Singapore and getting ' AIDS, Hepatitis or a severe infection' cause a few eyebrows to be raise. Surely, she is not referring to our beloved country.

Contrary to popular perceptions, there is a chance she is not referring to Singapore as we know it. Judging from her reply with mentions only on Africa and America and no references to Asia, she probably got confused with Singapore from another spot.  With that in mind, we seek out to explore how many Singapore are there in the world.

Singapore - South East Asia

We may be a tiny red dot, but we think we are quite well known in the world. Yes, occasionally. there are people associating Singapore with China. In recent years, with the successful movie 'Crazy Rich Asian' as well as the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, there are more aware of where Singapore really is and who we are. An independent country that is known for its Marina Bay swanky Skyline,  spanky clean streets, awesome airport and one of the most expensive places to live in.

Singapore, Michigan , USA

There is another Singapore across the Pacific Ocean.  Unfortunately, this spot is now buried under the sands near the mouth of Kalamazoo River. It is known as one of Michigan's famous ghost town. Founded in 1836,  it used to be a port town ( like Singapore, SE Asia). It had once house three mills, two hotels, several stores and even a renowned bank ( now that is eerily familiar). Sadly, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 completely destroyed it. In years to come, it was buried beneath the sand dunes of Lake Michigan.

We highly doubt that this is the Singapore Sonxa mentioned since it was buried a long time ago.

Singapore (South Africa)

This distance 'cousin' is less well known than the other 2. Listed as a settlement in Limpopo South Africa, there is almost no other information else on it available. From google maps, only shrubs exist in its spot. Could this be the Singapore Sonxa is referring to? If so, what it the name of the Piercing shop?

Singapore, Pirates of the Caribbean

Maybe , just maybe, Sonxa had been watching Pirates of the Carribean before making a response. After all, Singapore was mentioned a couple of time at Pirates of the Carribean : At World's end. Moreover, it was depicted as a dilated shanty town worthy of Sonxa's description. After all, if it appears on the big screen, it must be real right? 

Could it be that we solve the mystery?

Singapore, West World

This futuristic city depicted in West World is probably not the version Sonxa had on her mind. It was only announced recently that West World is filming its third season in Singapore.  The familiar skyline is showcase in the trailer. This look too rich to be the poor country that was mentioned.

There you have it, 5 versions of Singapore. Which one do you think it was referenced in Quora?

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