Uniqlo Game Classic Pixel T-Shirts gives you retro goosebumps

Retro video games anyone?

Uniqlo has launched a set of t-shirts and shirts base on hit classic video games form the 80s and 90s. The collection uses pixel art to express video games unless the super clear 4K version that we are accustomed to these days.

If you would like to wear a retro T to represent your <ahem> age group, you might want to pick this up. Our favourite will be the Pac Man shirt that looks like a screengrab from the arcade!


Released in 1980 by BANDAI NAMCO, this classic video game is still loved by many people around the world. Available in t-shirts and shirts for adults and kids.


The Megaman is an action game released in 198t7. It is a popular classic among the first generation gamers. Selected designs are available in adults and kids size.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Hitting the screen in a fast and furious pace is Sonic the Hedgehog, a creation from 1991 that bought SEGA Genesis in the limelight. It is still popular today with a movie slated to be launched in 2020. Selected designs are available in adults and kids size.


Enjoy epic battles with Bomberman R by Konami. Globally loved and known as the 'party-battle game series'. Selected designs are available in adults and kids size.

Puyo Puyo, Contra, Tetris

Puyo Puyo is a blob dropping puzzle game that probably set the stage for candy crush. Contra is a 'run-and-gun' shoot -'em' up action franchise while Tertis is a 35 years puzzle solving game. Middle-age adults will recognise these games better than kids. Thus, the T-shirts are only available in adult sizes.

The Game Classic Pixels collection is now available in store. Price starts from $14.90  for kids and $19.90 for adults

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