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Book Depository - Your online Bookvault

Can't find your favourite book in town?

With the closure of physical book stores in Singapore, it becomes harder and harder to find your favourite book let alone a bookstore to buy one. In the past, you could easily pop into any of the mega bookstores and get the books you want. Those days are numbered, at least in Singapore,  where the sights of big boys such as MPH and Borders leaving our shores. Local long-timers are not spared with local giant Sunny Bookshop closing in 2014 and the smaller bookstores disappearing from our landscape. With higher rental and rise of e-stores, this is inevitable.

With the exodus of physical stores, where should a bookworm turn to?

Thankfully, you could still get your fix online and we found our book vault at Book Depository, an online bookstore from the UK founded in 2004 and part of Amazon since 2011.

Why choose Book Depository?

Large selection of 20 million books

Book Depository has a large vault of over 20 Million books. from Children's books to Fantasy, Crime & Thriller, Romance, Food and Drink to Travel and Holiday, you could get your hands on almost any book you want at the comfort of your home. There is no need to travel down to town to the remote bookstore and incur additional transportation cost to get the book you want.

Better price than physical bookstores
The prices of the books are relatively cheaper than what you would otherwise get from a brick and mortar store. Without the high overheads of rental and manpower, the savings are transferred back to the customers.

If you are looking for a deal, you can use our discount code DADDYM10 for an additional 10% off the retail price. The offer will last from now till 28 August!

You can make your purchase at this link 

Easy to order

Ordering a book online is a simple process. Simply add the book to the basket and checkout via PayPal or credit card with your details.  It's fuss-free and a mere 2 steps process and you are good to go.

Our current favourite book series are Harry Potter Series and we had ordered Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban online. Ordering was a breeze. Just choose the book we want, click checkout and the book is on the way to us.

You can order your book here

Free Shipping
To make the deal sweeter. Shipping is free for books to Singapore. In fact, delivery is free worldwide!

Given the weight of physical books,  it is considered a steal when you do not need to pay for shipping. For books shipped to Singapore, it would usually take about 5-9 working days.

Paper books are better than e-books

Ask book lovers, nothing can beat the touch of paper books. Unlike e-books where you read off a gadget, you get to feel and touch the books. Even the smell of new books would bring pleasure only a bookworm can describe.  Removing other distractions that a gadget provides, you can always bring a book anywhere and read it anytime, even in remote parts where there is no internet connection or charging points. You need not worry about a fail connection or lack of battery that would disrupt your reading pleasure.

To get your book fix in the future, we reckon heading online to Book Depository is the way to go. With easy access, cheaper rates and free shipping, it is hard to beat having a book delivered right to your doorstep.

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  1. Recently I visited very first time and found it pretty very well. They have one more very good thing is they give discount offers. One of my friend referred me Book Depository and its Discount page people who want to read their fav book they should definitely check this page


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