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Golden Village One Piece Cups and Popcorn Bucket

Any Tony Tony Chopper fans out there?

One Piece Stampede will be out on 5th Sep and Golden Village will be having exclusive One Piece Merchandise.

From 31st August, you can get a collectable cup and a large size drink at $24.50 ( $2 off for members) The collectible cups feature Chopper and Luffy. Chopper is the Doc of Straw Hat Pirates while Luffy is the captain.
Source : GV

You can also get your hand on an exclusive Tony Tony Chopper popcorn bucket that comes with 1 complimentary large popcorn and large drink at $49.50 ( $2 off for members)

The cups and buckets look great, but GV seems to be inspired by Carousell. They had inflated their prices by more than 100% for these collectibles. The previous Hello Kitty set and Mickey Mouse set retains at less than $30 for a combination of cups and bucket. With such a huge price increase, you probably need not go to Carousell to get a set anymore.

Hurrah for that!

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