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Dlink DCS 2802 KT - Your home sentinel for Outdoor and Indoor

Meet the latest Dlink outdoor security camera

The D-Link DCS 2802KT is a Wire-Free solution for your surveillance needs. This camera kit comes with a Wifi Hub and 2 Wire-Free cameras. The Wire-Free camera kit is the first in the mydlink Pro line to have top to the line features such as 1080p Full HD. IP65 weatherproofing, PIR motion detection, battery power and wire-free functionality.

Touted as an outdoor camera, this camera unit works just as well n an indoor setting.

What's inside the box?

The camera kit consists of the following

  • Wifi Hub
  • 2 wire free camera kit
  • Lan cable
  • Charging plugs for Wifi Hub and wire free cameras
  • 2 magnetic wall mounts
  • 1 normal wall mount

Wifi Hub

One of the main difference vs the older models is the introduction of the Wifi Hub. The Wifi hub handles all the processing power of the camera. This would allow the cameras to have better battery life.

Each Wifi hub can connect to 4 cameras. For the moment, you cannot get the cameras separately, thus if you want to add additional cameras to the 2 you have, you would need to get an additional set.

The Wifi Hub would need to be connected to your router via the LAN cable. Setting up was a breeze via the mydlink app once it is connected. It took us less than 5 minutes to get the system up and running


For the longest period of time, I was looking to get a truely wire-free camera for outdoors. The
D-link DCS 2802KT  was the perfect solution. It is a battery operated wifi camera that does not come with the need for cabling compared to the typical outdoor camera. This meant you can mount it anywhere you want. The design of this egg shape camera meant that you can use it as a free-standing camera as well. This versatility meant that you could place the camera anywhere you want at any time outdoors or even indoors.

Since the processing is done at the Wifi hub, this ensures that the cameras have long-lasting battery life. Built with a 6700mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, you would get months of uninterrupted surveillance on a single charge. There is a battery life indicator on the app for you to monitor the charge.

Other notable features include. an advanced Motion Detection with built-in infrared (PIR) sensor for motion detection even in complete darkness. The cameras are rated IP65 weatherproof so it is suitable for outdoor use. We do recommend to place it away from direct sunlight.

The recording are done in 1080p Full HD and you could record video in the microSD card, USD hard drive (via the hub), on the phone (manually) or even cloud.

D-link provides a complimentary 12 months premium plan for this model that allows you to record and store 14 days of footage for 5 cameras. Recording would only start if motion is detected, so placement of the camera is vital if you require recording. Place it too high and you would probably not get recordings on it.

Lastly, this system also comes with a built-in 100dB siren. It would be useful for home surveillance if you are out.

For wall mounting, it comes with 2 magnetic attachments as well as an additional attachment arm. IT is easy to install the mount as you only require a screw to mount it to the wall. The camera unit snaps firm into the mount and is easily detached as well. With this versatility, it is perfect for driveway, patio, pool and even indoors. The only limitation is that it should be in the range of the Wifi hub. Base on our test, it would lose signal if placed at more than 15 meters away outdoors.

Compared to a standalone unit, the cameras are at half size, making it discreet wherever you place it.


Viewing of the camera is done via the mydlink app. You could use an existing account or sign up for a new one if you do not have. It will link to the rest of the devices you have at home.  Setup was pretty easy, follow the instructions to scan the QR code and the camera will be linked to your account. You can link as many cameras as you want on the app with the ability to view 4 cameras Live at any one time. For the moment, we could only view this on our mobile devices, Viewing on desktops could only be done for the older models.

You can see our unboxing videos for video samples


If you are looking for a truly wireless solution for home security, the Dlink DCS 2802KT is almost perfect with its features. Given that it is wire-free, you could place it anywhere you want. The only limitation is the range as it needs to be connected to the wifi hub. The other hitch we faced is the mydlink app. In terms of stability, the app could be improved further. We did experience a slight delay on the feeds as well as dropped connections.  We think once the bugs are addressed, this would make a powerful surveillance tool in your pocket.

If you are looking for a versatile outdoor/indoor camera, the Dlink DCS 2802KT should be on your list. For the month of August, you could get is at $399 at challenger instead of the usual $659. We think this deal is a still steal given the capabilities of the camera.

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