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Play United @ i12 Katong : Catch them all!

Play United has finally come down to the East!

The Crane King of Singapore with the largest number of claw machine has arrived in the Eastern Part of Singapore. Having set its roots at Yew Tew Point, Tiong Bahru, Hougang Mall and countless Pasar Malam across Singapore, they had finally found a home in Singapore at i12 Katong!

The location is somewhat surprising as their modus operandi is usually to set up shop in the heartland. Nonetheless, it is a welcome sight for us since we are Easterners. The place is a spacious 3000sqft outlet with 60 claw machines. Instead of their usual black and pink theme, the new outlet is clad in white and full of natural light. We love the setting as it sets off a family-friendly vibe.

What to play?

Play United specialises in the claw machine, the main game for this place are the claw machines.  Do not expect your typical arcade games here. Claw machines are the next big craze here with shops popping out everywhere.

From our experiences, Play United has the highest win rates for claw machines. You would require both luck and skill to win. We do see people winning as much as 5 toys for $10 spent, so how much you can win would depend on your skill.

From all our visits to Play United, we had never walked away empty-handed.

The gameplay here resembles more like a typical Taiwan Claw Machine where you use the claw to swing to catch a toy. Inside the machines, you would find plushies and figurines. The toys are a mix of generic toys and copies of popular characters.

How to play

To play, you have to exchange your cash for in house tokens. At the time of writing, every $10 will change you 12 tokens. Each play at the catcher cost 1 token so effective rate is at $ 0.83 per play, making it one of the more affordable claw machines. Do note that if you change $10, do inform the staff beforehand. They will give you 1 Free Toy in 12 games if you fail to catch any.

Change $50 and they will give you a plush immediately!

Let's check out how many toys we won for $20

Prize Area

In addition to the toys you catch, there is a separate prize area. You can exchange the catch you have for the day for bigger toys on the shelf. At the opening, we only spotted shelves of plushies.  However, we were told that they will be adding more prizes such as anime figures and big-ticket items like TV in the future!

You need not change your catch for the big toys on the same day. What you can do is to inform the staff that you would like to change and they will provide you with a sticker for every catch. Take a redemption card and paste the stickers to exchange in the future.

Where to Play?

Play United newest store is located at I12 Katong at #03,31, next to Watsons.

At the heart of Katong, this is the perfect stop for those having their meals at the restaurants along East Coast Road or those heading to movies at GV I12Katong.

This will undoubtedly be our go-to place for claw catching in the future. Other than being the closest to our home, it is also one of the friendliest places to go to in terms of claw machines. The only problem is that our pockets are not too deep. Hopefully, we could collaborate with Play United in the future for features on our youtube channel (hint hint @playunited)

In the meantime, do check out our ventures on youtube The Wacky Duo on our experiences at Play United

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