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Super Mario @ McDonald's Happy Meal

Super Mario is teaming up with  McDonald's. 

Your favourite plumbers are coming to McDonald's.From Aug 15 to 11 Sep, purchase a Happy Meal and you would get a free Super Mario Toy. There will be a different toy every week!

15 Aug  - 21 Aug
Mario And Luigi Table Hockey

Source: McDonald's

Challenge your pal to a game of Table Hockey with Mario and Luigi

Pop up Yoshi

Source: McDonald's
Spring a surprise with Yoshi that pops out from nowhere.

 23 Aug - 28 Aug
Super Mario Cube

Source: McDonald's

Save Mario and get him out from the cube maze.

Super Star Target Game
Source: McDonald's

Shoot with the mushroom and hit your target

29 Aug - 4 Sep
Mario and Peach Tic-Tac-Toe

Source: McDonald's

Play tic-tac-toe on the go with Mario and Peach.

Peach Hoop Game
Source: McDonald's

Hoop over Peach hands to save her!

5 Sep - 11 Sep
Peach Castle Race
Source: McDonald's

Race to the finish in Peach Castle Race.

Mario Stacking Game

Source: McDonald's

See how high you can stack with Mario
Source: McDonald's

In case you want it all but think that fast food is too unhealthy, you could still have a balanced meal by changing the sides. Get apple slices or corns for sides and Low Fat Milk for drinks with McNuggets as the main course. The total combination is less than 500 Kcal!

Otherwise, be like Mario and start jumping around!

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