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Walking with Dinosaurs - The Live Experience : Singapore Review

Want to take a Walk with Dinosaur?

Walking with Dinosaurs - The Live Experience starts its run at the Singapore Indoor Stadium from 29 Aug to 29 Sep. Take a 100 mins journey a few hundred million ago and watch these majestic titans that once rule the earth.

1) See the titans of the past come alive in front of you

You do not need a time machine to see how these dinosaurs roam the earth. You just need a ticket to the show to watch them come alive in front of your eyes. Imagine having a Tyrannosaurs Rex hovering over your head and giving you a roar.

If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, you would probably find this scene familiar. Now, you can have the same experience at Walking with Dinosaurs.

2) Battle Scene

Asked the kids what they like about the show and the unanimous answer would be the battles between the dinosaurs. Watch the classic battle between Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Triceratops, a battle scene that is a fan favourite.  There are plenty more battles in the show, so do not leave your seat!  

3) Amazing Animatronics

The movement of the Dinosaurs are so fluid that you almost feel like you are seeing the real deal. The smaller dinosaurs are controlled with physical puppetry while the bigger ones like the gigantic Brachiosaurus move across the stage like how they would in the past. Each step was matched with realistic acoustic. You can feel the thump with each step and the roar would set fear in the little ones!

 4) Realistic

Take a look at the dinosaurs and you would think that their skin is the real deal. Unlike the rubbery look of most static displays,the attention to details are simply amazing.  You can see that from the texture of the skin. The production team made it even more lifelike with the addition of feathers on the dinosaurs to reflect the latest discovery that most dinosaurs are covered in feathers!

5) Educational

It was not all action during the show. Parts of the show was also meant to be educational. 
The show was narrated by Huxley, the show palaeontologist who brings the audience along a journey into the lives of these amazing creatures.

To start off, you can get the kids to identify the dinosaurs. 18 Dinosaurs and nine species will be in the show. You have the Plateosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and more!

We learn a few interesting facts from the show like how the earth was once a supercontinent called Pangea, how the split of the supercontinent encourage life to bloom and that birds are actually descendants of dinosaurs!

If you want a quick history of dinosaurs, this is the show to go to.

Overall, the show exceeded our expectations. It is not everyday you would get a chance to see these titans in action in front of your eyes. If you would like to watch the show, take the middle seats. You would see most of the action from that angle. If you are close enough, you might even get a selfie with T Rex!

For the final weekend, you can save up to $40 for great seats. Buy your tickets here.

Catch a sneak peek of the action here

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TWD was invited to the event for a review. All opinions are of our own.

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