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Paco Funworld @ Bugis + : Another new arcade hits town!

Another day, another arcade.

It seems like arcade centers are making a major comeback in Singapore. Ever since the expansion of Cow Play Cow Moo in Suntec City,  arcade centers are popping up in every corner of Singapore.
We had written an article a few months back on the arcade centers in Singapore and the landscape has change faster than casinos build in Macau!

It was so fast that Paco Funworld had opened a second outlet at Bugis + in less than 6 months after it re-enters the arcade scene in Singapore. It's a familiar name back in the 90s and it seeks a revival decades later!

Like the outlet in Kallang, Paco Funworld has a mixture of the popular claw catcher machines as well as ticketed games. These are popular with families, teens and even working adults today.

Located at level 5 of Bugis +, the outlet is a tad smaller than the Kallang Branch.  We do see new ticketed machines there. As for the claw machines, we think the setup at Kallang has a better chance to walk away with a plushie.

As for the prize area, it is half the size of the original Pacoworld. We reckon you could win the tickets here and head to Kallang to change a better prize.

Like the first Paco, the best value for gameplay is at 150 tokens for $50. If you intend to play there, we do recommend to change this for more mileage in gameplay.

Currently, Bugis + is home to not one but 3 arcades. Paco Funworld will face competition from  Virtual Land ( Level 5) and Prize Stage (Level 3) Incidentally, Prize Stage is the sister company of Paco Funworld. The combination of the 3 arcades will make  Bugis + the current mecca for the most arcade centers at one place in Singapore.

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