Uniqlo Kaws available on 30 Aug - Full range of released t-shirts

 Remember the crazy launch of Uniqlo Kaws?

There were people buying the t-shirts in bulk and later reselling them for 5 times the original price in Carousell. The phenomenon was not only limited to Singapore but to other parts of the world as well.

Thankfully, for true fans of Kaws, Uniqlo had decided to restock the Kaws collection on Aug 30. This time around, they will re-launch 8 popular t-shirt designs. The price is still at an affordable $19.90 each.  To prevent a similar fiasco, each customer is only allowed to purchase one piece per colour per design. This means no more buying 100 t-shirts at a go.

Judging from their previous sales of popular products using this method, there will probably be enough t-shirts to satisfy most.

In addition, there will be 4 KAWS Tote Bags in the collection. Personally, we think this is a better buy.

Mark your calendars! 

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