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Gaston Luga Praper : Everyday bag for every needs.

Need an everyday bag?

Gaston Luga from Stockholm Sweden dropped us an offer to check out their bags. Since we were looking for a travel bag, it was perfect timing. Guston Luga provides bags for both men and women. For the men's range, there are 2 versions of bags - Classic and Praper.

The rugged-looking Praper in Olive and Black (SGD179) caught our eyes and we decided to order it.

The first thing we noticed when we received the bag was the texture of the bag. Clad in strong durable canvas and PU leather, the bag looks ready to take on the world. The Olive and Black combination would appeal to those who love the great outdoors. It's minimalist and stylish at the same time with a hint of military vibe.

For those who are looking into other colours, there are more options on the website. There is even a Hot Pink version for the ladies!

The bag has adjustable hooks with 4 adjustable levels. This means you could adjust the flap according to your needs accordingly. At the highest level, the bag's volume tops up at 18L. That would be large to fill your gym shoes, clothes, water bottle and then some. For dads, if you want to, you could even use it as a fashionable diaper bag!

Other functional features include an inner compartment to hold documents as well as a 13-15  laptop with ease. Perfect as a bag for travel or even a trip to the office.

With a strap to tighten the bag, it is a double edge feature. It would keep prying hands-off as it would be difficult to untie it on the go. On the flip side, it does take a while to get used to unstrapping it when you need access to the contents in the bag.

Adjustment on the shoulder strap is via a belt and buckle combination. You would need to fit it accordingly before you take the bag out for a ride.

If you are travelling with the bag like how we intend to, you would love the 'hidden' back pocket. The pocket is big enough to fit a passport for easy access while maintaining it hidden from potential pickpockets.

Each bag comes in a box and a dustcover.

From September 1, there will be a free travel-friendly Arlig toiletry bag (worth SGD 49) with any backpack purchase. There are also free worldwide delivery, free returns and no questions asked exchange policy.

For our readers, there will be a 15% discount. Simply quote wackyduo during your checkout.
You can purchase your bag here.

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