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KFC Chicken Waffles in Singapore - Waffle Double Down!

Chicken and Waffles?

Why not, especially if it is a KFC Original recipe boneless chicken fillet resting on a golden Belgian Liege waffle.

You can expect this combo hitting KFC stores on 4 Sept. We reckon it would make a great breakfast option for kids and adults alike. The Chicken and Waffles were introduced for a limited time in the US and they sold out in 2 weeks. The US version was laced with maple syrup and comes in a combination of one piece breast, two-piece thigh or three-piece tenders.

Updated 04 09
This is the version that will hit Singapore on 4 Sep!

This is the KFC Waffle Double Down – with two Original Recipe chicken fillets sandwiching a Belgium waffle, drizzled with maple mayonnaise. Chicken & waffle will never be the same again.

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