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Zoo or Fishing Village? HDB new BTO project in Punggol

HDB will launch BTO projects in Punggol town that would be inspired by its roots.

Punggol's history as a fishing village and home to Singapore's earliest zos will get a nod from HBD. Two new Punggol Build to Order (BTO)  housing estates will pay tribute to Punggol's early days.

The two new estates will be names Punggol Point Crown and Punggol Point Cove. The 2724 flats with a configuration of two-room Flexi to Five-room flats will be launched in September and expected to be completed by 2024

Punggol Point Crown
Source:  HDB
Punggol Point Crown, inspired by the old Ponggl Zoo will be divided into five zones such as Forest, Grassland, Canopy and Shoreline. It will feature a heritage walked inspired by the Zoo.

Source:  HDB
 The animal-themed walk will have storyboards with interesting facts about the zoo's history, animals and significant visitors such as Albert Einstein who visited in 1922!

There will be unique design elements such as tiger stripes and animals footprints on the floor to give it a jungle vibe to the neighbourhood. We reckon that if you managed to snag a unit here, you can name your hood ' The Zoo'. This would be a popular choice for families with young kids!
Source: SIngaporebasapa.com

You can read more about Punggol zoo here.

Punggol Point Cove
Source:  HDB
If you are more of a sea person rather than a forest lover, you can opt for Punggol Point Cove. This is located at the eastern shoreline of Punggol Point and is inspired by Punggol's past as a fishing village.
This is also one of the popular HDB estates that would give you a seaview without the premium prices of condominiums.

There will be three distinct zones, Beach, Contemporary and forest. We reckon the beach zone will have the most sought after flats there.

Source:  HDB
Other areas in Punggol that have waterfront districts are Waterway East, Waterway West, Northshore, Matilda, Punggol Point, Canal and Crescent.  The best view of the sea would be at this newly launch Punggol Point district.

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