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These 10 Magnetic toys are not safe for kids

10 magnetic building blocks and balls sets have been identified as unsafe for kids,

During a recent test by Safety regulator Enterprise Singapore, there is a concern that these toys with high-powered magnets can cause harm if ingested by children. This tiny magnet can attract each other through the intestines resulting in potential injuries such as perforation, scarring or infection.

There were existing cases in US and China where the children swallowed such magnets and require surgery. These dangers are not new as they had been reported in other countries since 2012 . As such toys are marketed as educational toys for young children, there is a cause for alarms.

Base on Enterprise Singapore, these are the magnetic toys affected. The toys have since been removed by suppliers. Similar toys are still available on online platforms like Lazada, Qoo10 and Aliexpress.

1. TENSOGER magnetic building blocks
2. TONGYUAN magnetic building blocks
3. ZHOND TOY magnetic building blocks
4. MAG-FUN magnetic building blocks
5. Buckyballs Neocube magnetic balls 216pcs 5mm
6. MAGCUBE magnetic cubes – Creative Building Block Magic Cube 125pcs 5mm
7. MAGCUBE magnetic balls – Magnetic Buck Balls 216pcs 3mm
8. Bucky Balls Rare Earth magnetic balls 216pcs 5mm
9. Magnetic Magic Cube Puzzle magnetic balls 216pcs 5mm
10. KEAIHAO Magnetic Building Blocks (The supplier has rectified safety concerns by including an approved warning label on small parts, Enterprise Singapore said.)

If you have any of these toys, it would be best to discard them especially if they are for children age 5 and below.

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