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Mandatory Inspection for E-Scooter from Apr 2020 : LTA Singapore

New E-Scooter Inspection  - Once every 2 years

Car Inspection - No Inspection until the 3rd year

In case you are thinking about purchasing an E-Scooter
Looks like it would be more difficult to ride an unauthorised E-scooter going forward. LTA has authorised that ALL e-scooters will have to undergo an inspection every 2 years to ensure that they comply with the criteria for use on public paths. 

The mandatory inspection will check for UL2272 certification, width, weight and device speed limits.

Those who fail to send their devices by the stipulated deadline could face a fine of up to $1000 or jail up to 3 months.
Source :LTA

In case you are unaware, E -Scooters would have to register their e-scooter here. 
All registrants must be aged at least 16 years olf and will need to declare that their e-scooters are compliant with device criteria, From 1 July 2019, it will be an offence to ride or cause or permit another person to ride, an unregistered e-scooter on public paths. First-time offenders are subject to $2000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months.

Criteria as follow
E-scooters must not exceed 20kg in maximum unladen weight, 70cm in maximum width and 25 km/h in maximum device speed. 

All retailers will be prohibited to sell non-UL 2272 certified devices from 1 July 2019. All motorised PMD used on public paths must be certified to the UL 2272 standard from 1 Jan 2021. This is to minimise the risk of fire incidents.

It is illegal to ride non-compliant e-scooters on a public path. Offenders can be fined $5000 or /and jailed up to 3 months.

What to do if you have a non-compliant PMD
From 23 Sept to 31 March 2020, owners may dispose of their non-compliant PMD at designated disposal points set up by LTA appointed e-waste recyclers across HDB estates or at LTA's Sin Ming Office. There is no charge. For those who dispose their registered non-UL2272 e-scooters at the designated disposal points by 30 Nov will qualify for an early disposal incentive of $100 per registered e-scooter.

Given the recent spate of E-Scooter incidents, it is hardly surprising that this becomes law. Recently, there are even talks of restricting use to those above 18, taking tests before eligible to ride as well as a complete ban.

Would it solve the issue or merely address the tip of the iceberg?

Only time will tell...

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