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McDonald's Pajamas sold out - unless you want to pay $120 for it!

McDonald's launches its McDelivery Loungewear set.

In less than an hour, the website crashes. Now, it is sold out.

We had tried it several times throughout the night but were unable to get through. Unsurprisingly, the loungewear set was sold out. Since McDonald's did not release the number and given that the McDelivery website was not accessible throughout the night, we can only guess that there were no enough sets to meet the demand.

It is bad enough that those who wanted the set could not get one. To compound the disappointment for genuine fans,  the enterprising few managed to get not one but a couple of sets. You can find them at Carousell.

If you are willing to fork out $120 for one set, you could find a few going for that price. Given that some people are willing to pay $50-$120 per set, it is not surprising to see 'entrepreneurs' popping up on Cyberspace. It is not the first time this had happened to limited launches in Singapore.

If you are still looking for one at 'retail' price , McDonald's had indicated that they will replenish the loungewear set. No dates were given and you would have to monitor their facebook page for updates.
The last update indicates that there will be pre-order on Friday 11 Oct!

Good luck on getting the loungewear set!

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