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New Tactile Play range from Toys R Us

Planning a gift for Christmas?

Ditch the phone and get a real toy instead. With screen time among children on the rise, play had been synonymous with apps on smartphones.

Toys "R" Us aims to change this by bringing in more than 40 exclusive toys from leading toy manufacturers around the world. More importantly, these range of toys will focus on tactile play among children. Tactile Play stimulates children's senses through touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Stimulating the senses will help the children develop skills such as thinking and social-emotional that are fundamental in developing a child.

There are a total of 7 brands that Toys R Us will bring to Singapore.

Edu Science

For our age group ( 8-12), the 'Edu Science' range is perfect for growing our scientific curiosity. Through play, we are able to learn about basic science principles.

Edu Science Circuit Experimental Lab

 This is the set we covert from the 'Edu Science' range. This is an experimentation lab that is exclusively from Toy's R Us. We can learn about electrical engineering by experimenting with the over 100 working games and gadgets.

Play was relatively easy. We simply connect some wires and Eureka, we managed to make a ball fly. Other thing you could do include making a bell ring, lighting LEDs and more. There are some wires and tools to help you get started. However, with creativity, you could turn this into a personal circuit board that could give power to the experiments you created.

This experimental play challenges our creativity and lets us be familiar with basic science concepts. It's a good tool for discovery and experimental play.

Edu Science Lab Starter Packs

If you are looking into a simpler starting kit, the Edu Science Lab Turbo Air is a great place to start. Fix it up and we can now send balls launching up in the air!

There are other small starter kits like the Lab Maze Challenge, Alarm System, Splashing Fountain and more.

You can check out the whole range here.

Pixie Belles
Source: Toy "R: Us

Making its Asia Debut will be Pixie Belles or ' Belles' as they are affectionately known. this is the next generation of interactive toys that interact with children through touch, motion and sound signals. Children can bring their Belles to life buy simply clapping or talking to them. The toys will respond by teaching children how to dance and telling them how they feel!

They even come with interchangeable, colourful tails that can be used as keychains, scrunchies or bracelets.

Check out the whole range here

Source: Toy "R: Us

Matchbox collection of die-cast cars inspires storytelling and ignites kids' imagination. Kids can build their own garage of replica cars with an exclusive range of big-box sets that include ' Matchbox Downtown Demolition Playset', ' Matchbox Transporter' and more

Check the whole range here

L.O.L Suprise
Source: Toy "R: Us

L.O.L limited edition L.O.L Surprise Plush keychain and L.O.L Surprise collectable watches will spark a child's inner creativity, allowing them to design their own fashion accessories.

Check out the whole range here

Caterpillar Trucks
Source: Toy "R: Us

Boys and construction toys go hand in hand for generations. A full range of iconic bright yellow ' Caterpillar' trucks and construction vehicles will now be available exclusively at Toys "R" Us, Perfect for the builders of tomorrow.

Check out Caterpillar toys here

Pitter Patter Pets
Source: Toy "R: Us

Exclusive to Toys "R" Us is the Mechanical Plush range ' Pittar Patter Pets'. It's perfect for younger kids would want a pet and parents who are not ready to get them the real deal. The new range includes a Tweeny Weeny Bunny, a Walking Unicorn and a Walk Along Puppy. If you are looking for a Pet Alternative, this is it!

Source: Toy "R: Us

The gaming and pop-culture phenomenon " Fortnite" would be a familiar brand among the young ones. Recreate Fornite scenes with exclusive Toys "R" Us set such as "Fortnite Legendary Collect's Set". Retailing from $ 9.90, it would make a gift worthy to be placed under the Christmas tree.

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