All I want for Christmas is a DJI Mavic Mini - No need to register in Singapore because it is only 249g!

I have found my Christmas Present

It has always been a dream to own a drone. I was hesitant to get one because of size and resolution. The ones that shoot 4K comes in a massive size with a big price tag, while the smaller versions only shoot 1080p. Moreover, with new possible new drone laws to be pass in the future, any drone that is above 250g needs to be registered and operators need to be registered.

No need to register this!
Souce: DJI

DJI must have heard my prayers with the new DJI Mavic Mini.
This new drone weighs just 249 g and will be exempted from regulation in Singapore ( if the new drone laws pass) In fact, drones at this weight are usually classified as a toy! 

Source: DJI
It is modelled after the older brethren - DJI Mavic. 

Specs as follows

  • 30 Min Flight Time
  • 4km HD Transmission
  • 3 Axis Gimbal 2.7 K Camera
  • Shoots in FHD : 1920 x1080 25/30/50/60p and 2.7K:2720x1530 25/30p
  • Max Bitrate 40Mbps
  • Video Format: MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)

While the specs may not excite the professional videographer, it would make a fantastic addition to the arsenal to the casual YouTuber. It's about the size of your iphone 11so it hardly takes up space in your bag!

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This is not a sponsored post but DJI - Would you make my wish come true?

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