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Illegal for kids to own drones if proposal passes in Singapore

Sorry son, no drones for Christmas.

If you intend to buy that drone for your kids, hold the purchase first till you read this.

The following are key recommendations made by an advisory panel set up by the Government to regulate drone use.

  • Drone Owners to be at least 16 years old.
  • All devices with a take-off weight of above 250g to be registered.  For example, DJI ( a favourite drone company ) most basic model is the DJI Sparks. That no-frills drone weighs 300g
  • All operators, including foreigners and tourists, should be subjected to mandatory registration before allowed to operate their unmanned aircraft (UA) in Singapore
  • All UA would be covered regardless if it is commercial or self-assembled
  • All UA should be identifiable and traceable, eg using a tamper-proof registration sticker
  • Registration will have a fee capped at $20 per device
  • Stiff penalties will be introduce

Currently, there is a ban in Singapore on flying drones within 5km of airports or military airbase or heights above 61m without a permit. Current fines are up to $20000 and jailed for up to one year.

This effectively means no drones for kids. Drones would be useful for those in photography and videography industry, so we do reckon it will not be ban... just a little more difficult to fly.

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