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LEGO 2020 Chinese New Year Set : 80104 Lion Dance 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair

LEGO 2020 CNY Sets are revealed.

The 'tradition' started last year with the Dragon Dance (80102) and Reunion Dinner Set (80101). Next year, LEGO will debut the Lion Dance (80104) and Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105). You can combine the two sets together to create a sprawling set that shows off the lively festive scene at Chinatown.

Lion Dance ( 80104)

The Lion Dance Set has not one, not two but five Lions together with their drum unit. Thre are a total of eight Minifigures in the set, This includes 3 Lion Dance Troupe members, 3 minifigures in lion dance costumes, a minifigure with a rat mask (It's the year of the Rat) and an old man (presumably the boss).

Interestingly, there may not be real Minifigures under the Lion figures, Instead, Minifigure legs are included to give the illusion that there are Lion Dancers underneath. Going by the popularity of the LEGO Dragon Dance, it will be no doubt that this would be another sell-out set when it hits the stores.

Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105)

The Chinese New Year Temple Fair is a massive set that includes a large temple gate, blossom trees, four stalls and 14 Minifigures!

We think a couple of these sets combine and you can build a decent size Chinatown. With that said, this might not be as popular as the Lion Dance set as the characters are quite generic. Some of the characters are the same as the Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner Set.


The sets will be available in the Asia Pacific Region and probably Singapore from Dec 26 2019.

Time to start saving up for it!

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