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BenQ Eye Care Monitor Special 11.11 Discount!

Want a special discount for Benq Eye Car Monitor (GW2480T) ?

In our last review, we showcased how Benq Eye Car Monitor would benefit your child with its slew of child-friendly technology. For this month of November, we will be providing a special code for our readers to enjoy the unit at $228 instead of the usual fee of $269. You would have to buy 2 units to get it at this price, so tag a friend for this promo.

Here is how it works
  1. Click here to collect  $82 voucher (minimum spend $450)
  2. The voucher will be automatically be applied when you check out with 2 Benq Eye Car Monitor (up $538). the total price would be at $538 Order the monitor with this link *
  3. Stack it with credit card discounts to lower the effective rate
Promotion is valid till 30 Nov 2019
*Valid only for 2 units.

If you are looking only for 1 unit, wait for the 11.11 sale where the unit will be on sale at $239 for one day only!


24 inch TV
Ideal screen size vs a normal 14-inch screen of laptops

Brightness Intelligent Technology
Adjust Monitor Brightness

Flicker Free
Diminish eye fatigue for better viewing comfort

Low Blue Light
Filters out harmful blue light for both good sleep and eye health

Height Adjustable 
The stand can be customised for height, tilt and even swivel to portrait mode

Colour Weakness Mode
Offers filters for red colour deficiency and green colour deficiency

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