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Legal places to ride your E-Scooter from Nov 5 in SIngapore

If you have not heard, e-scooter will be ban from the footpath from November 5 2019.

This action probably came about with the recent spate of e-Scooter accidents on the footpath. With news that E-scooters are causing fire at home added to the mix, it probably added as a catalyst to this new ruling. The current ban on E-scooter on roads remains.

With this ban, these are the only places you can ride your e-Scooter
Source : LTA

Offenders will face fines up to $2000 and jail time of up to 3 months once the ban is strictly enforced from 2020. In the meantime, warnings will be given until Dec 31 to allow e-scooters time to adjust. Other types of PMD such as hoverboards and unicycles are expected to fall under this ban. This ban will not apply to Personal Mobility Aid and Bicycle.

Shared Path 

Shared path, also known as cycling paths are markets by shared path signs. They are meant for pedestrians, e-scooters and cyclists to use.

Park Connector Network ( PCN)
Park connectors have shared paths. E-scooters are allowed on these paths

The following are the locations of PCN in Singapore

Source: NParks

Source: NParks

Source: NParks

Source: NParks

Source: NParks

With the ban on the footpath and the increasing regulations on e-scooters, it has cease to be the viable option for those who intend to use it to travel to work or school. It is almost impossible to use the e-scooter to travel to MRT stations as they are not connected via park connectors. Riders using e-scooter for delivery service will see this option invalid after the ban. E-scooters would be reduced to a recreational vehicle for use at Park Connectors.

If you had bought an e-scooter for such purpose, it is not a total loss. From now till 31 March 2020, you could dispose your Non-UL2272 PMD at designated disposal points set up by LTA appointed e-waste recyclers across HDB estates or LTA Sin Ming Office. There is no charge by those who disposed of by 31st December will qualify for an early disposal incentive of $100 per vehicles.

More information on the disposal can be found here.

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