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Claw Machines Singapore : We are on featured on Mediacorp!

It's an open secret that we like Claw Machines
If you have followed us on Instagram, you would have noticed our occasion postings on our Claw Machines escapades.

Actually, we started to play claw machines before it became a hype when we visited Japan about 5 years ago. We were so intrigued by it that we even wrote a post on Tips and Tricks to win UFO catchers in Japan

Back then, claw machines were virtually 'missing' in Singapore with only a handful of arcades providing them. Even then, the claw machines were usually rigged, making it almost impossible to catch any toys.

Thus the only opportunity we have was to hone our skills in Japan. On our trips to Japan, we always added stops at Round 1, Taito Station or SEGA arcade for our claw machine fix.

Check out our haul from the last trip in Osaka!

It was as recent as 5 months ago that we caught the bug in Singapore. We started off by playing at the Geylang Pasar Malam during Hari Raya. Along the way, we were also making videos on our claw machine outings on our youtube channel and on our specially created Instagram profile   TheArcadeKidz . 

The Claw Machine Craze apparently took over Singapore in 2019 at about the same time we rekindle our interest in Singapore. Soon, there were claw machines outlets sprouting all over Singapore. This time, the owners got smarter and make it possible to catch with some skills and luck, thereby attracting both adults and kids to the game.

In a span of months, the number of claw machines arcade boom from a handful to as many as 50 outlets (including those at Pasar Malam!

Our exploits were picked up by Mediacorp and we got our 5 minutes of fame on TV. We were featured on Mediacorp Channel 8 Frontline.

If you have missed the show, you could watch it here.

And that's the story of how we got our 5 minutes of fame on national TV.

PS : If you would like your claw machine arcade to be featured on our Youtube Channel. Drop us an email at We welcome collaboration with your team!

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