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Danang Family Itinerary: 6 Days Holiday

Let's go, Danang!

Wait... where?

The mention of Danang, Vietnam to the kids brought apprehension to the kids. They have seen movies on the Vietnam War and were undecided if this would be their chosen holiday destination. However, after last year's epic road trip to The USA, expectations had been raised for the holidays.

For this trip, we will be covering attractions as follows
  • My Khe Beach
  • Marble Mountain
  • Hoi Ann
  • Ba Na Hill
  • Fantasy Park
  • Hue City Tour
  • Ling Ung Pagoda
  • Danang Museum
  • Danang Cathedral
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Asia Park Sunworld Danang Wonders
  • Helios Center

Day 1
Highlights: A La Carte Hotel
Flight to Danang

To be honest, Danang was off Dad's radar. Finding a blog with an itinerary for families with kids in Danang was difficult. Danang was only chosen because Dad stumbled on the activities list on Klook. Fascinated by the famous pair of hands that held the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills Danang, he continued the research on Klook.

Surprisingly, it was actually easy to plan a holiday via Klook. Tours are clearly described on the Website. We simply pick the activities, turn up, and go on an adventure.

Our Itinerary is 100% sourced from Klook

Day 1: Private Danang International Transfer 
Day 2: Marble Mountain am Ho Ai Day Tour.
Day3:  Premier Ba Na Hill trip 
Day 4:  Hue Private Day Tour from Klook | Babylon Spa
Day 5: Custom Danang Tour Asia Park Sunworld Danang Wonders
Day 6: Private Danang International Transfer 

We discovered that Danang was more family-friendly than we expected along the way. This 6-day trip was packed with historical UNESCO sites, colourful markets, cheap food and not one but two theme parks!

Arrival at Danang

The best way to travel to Danang is via a direct flight. Jetstar and Silkair fly directly into Danang. Try to book tickets early, and you might get a deal at around $200 from Jetstar and $318 from Silkair,

Check-in Hotel - A La Cartel Hotel
Danang or Miami

We took the evening flight and reached the hotel late in the evening. Our hotel was A La Carte Danang, a beachfront property fronting My Khe Beach. It's on the stretch popularly known as the Miami of the East. A glimpse of the buildings from the hotel rooftop would attest to the fact that skyscrapers straddle the coastline.

You can book A La Carte Hotel from this link
A La Carte Hotel

Getting to the hotel was a breeze with our prebooked Private Danang International Transfer from Klook. Priced at only $12.45, it was a fuss-free way to get to the hotel. Our driver communicated with us via Whatsapp before we arrived at Danang, giving us peace of mind regarding transportation.

Since it was late, we decided to have dinner via room service. Our Pho was as authentic as it came. Costing less than S$10, it was a warm welcome to Danang.

Book your stay in A La Carte Hotel here.

Day 2
Highlights: My Khe Beach | Marble Mountain | Hoi An

We woke up early and headed to the rooftop for a quick swim. Today, we will start exploring Danang in the afternoon. In the meantime, we have the morning to rest and relax. A La Carte Hotel is just opposite My Khe Beach, less than 10 minutes from the City Center and 15 minutes from the airport. It's famous for its rooftop infinity pool with an expansive view of Danang Bay. You could even see the Lady Buddha on Son Tra Peninsula on a clear day.

Spot Lady Buddha
We had a slow breakfast buffet (included in our hotel package) before exploring our surroundings.
Buffet at A La Carte

My Khe Beach

We took a short walk to My Khe Beach, opposite the hotel. There are swanky new restaurants on the beachfront. Few people were swimming, but the locals were exercising or walking on the beach. It was a short stroll for us before heading back to our room.

Marble Mountain
Marble Mountain

Our first tour was the Marble Mountain and Ho Ai Day Tour. Hotel Pick up was complimentary if you are located in the city centre. If you are staying in My Khe Beach or Han River vicinity, it will likely be considered the city centre. Our first stop for this afternoon tour was Marble Mountain. Located only 9 km from Danang, it's an easy 15-minute drive from our hotel.

Ling Ung Pagoda
The Marble Mountain is a cluster of five hills made from marble and limestone, with caves, tunnels, and temples waiting to be explored. Each hill is named after the elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Our tour explores the surround of Thuy Son (Water), including the Ling Ung Pagoda and the surrounding caves.

Initially, Dad thought that Lady Buddha was part of the tour as it was located at Linh Ung Pagoda. Our English-speaking guide (a well-spoken one) enlightened us and told us there are 3 Ling Ung Pagoda in Danang!

Although we missed the Lady Buddha on this trip, we did visit all three Linh Ung Pagoda.
Ling Ung Pagoda
The Marble Mountains were once the source of marble used to carve impressive statues by the locals. However, it was recently banned as marble mining will eventually reduce the mountains to rubble.

To see how the craft of the local marble artisans, we have whisked away to a marble factory after an hour on the mountain. Frankly, you need at least half a day to explore every nook and cranny of Marble Mountain. Some parts would require steep climbs. So the time spent on the tour was just about right, especially with young kids in your group.

Hoi Ann
Vietnam Food
After the obligatory factory tour (thank goodness it's only 30 minutes), we head off to Hoi An for dinner. Dinner was a filling 8-course meal consisting of local dishes at the Blue Gecko. This spread was included in the tour price, making it value for money.


After dinner, we took a stroll to Hoi An. It is a UNESCO Ancient Town known for its quaint yellow buildings.
Lanterns on the road
The visit to Hoi An n the evening was magical. especially with lanterns adorning the street. Here, you could shop till you drop with bargains galore.


One of the best buys would be lanterns. We bought a set of super-large silk lanterns for S$10 each. A similar set of selling online would cost upwards of $60. So it's a real steal in our books.
Lanterns for sale
Hoi An is also known as a place for a foodie. Pop into the line of restaurants at the riverfront or along the street. Dishes are priced at less than $10 for most items. If we had not eaten, we would not mind stopping at one of the restaurants for a meal.

The other thing you could do if shopping differs from your thing is to cruise along the river. Boats are available for hire.

We decided to explore the night market instead.

Along the way, we spotted quite a few street foods, including Giant Durians (the durians are the size of 2 basketball!)  and a whole frog on a skewer. We are more conservative and opted for Dragon Breath Ice cream and fried potatoes instead.

You can also opt to have your meals by the river if you wish.

We may only have 1.5 hours to explore Hoi An, but we felt its magic. The glittering buildings under the moonlight comply us for a longer stay. We might make a visit in the future with a stay at Hoi An. That said, we think that this was an eventful tour and a great start for our stay in Danang.
Book Marble Mountain am Ho Ai Day Tour from Klook.

Day 3
Highlights: Ba Na Hills
After an early breakfast buffet at the hotel, we were picked up by Klook Ba Na Hill Day tour. Today, we will visit Ba Na Hill, where we will see the much hype Golden Bridge and spend the afternoon at the Theme Park. The tour included a hotel pick-up, so we simply showed up, and a minibus would be at our hotel doorstep at the appointed time. Therefore, it's fuss-free as we do not need to plan for the rest of the day.

If you choose a tour from Klook, there are at least 3 Ba Na Hills Day tours on Klook. Pricewise is almost similar. We picked this Premier Ba Na Hill trip from Klook because it gave us an extra hour more and provided a complimentary Vietnamese Hat.

Cable Car
Ride to Heaven
Ba Na Hill is a hill station and resorts in Truong Son Mountains. It is famous for the newly built Golden Bridge (opened on June 2018), a mystical bridge suspended 1400 m above sea level. The bridge seemed to be held with 2 hands as an offering to heaven. To get to Ba Na Hill, we have to take the cable car from Hoi An Station to Ba Na Station. It was foggy as it was raining in the morning, and the ride up was akin to a ride to heaven!

Golden Bridge

Due to the Fog, instead of what we expected in the video above, this was our view of the Golden Bridge.

You could barely see it in the distance. Nonetheless, it was awe-inspiring, save for the large throng of tourists on the bridge. As for the tourists, we spotted Koreans, Hongkongese, Chinese and Japanese. Caucasians were few in between, whereas Singaporeans were probably incognito. That meant that Danang remains a hidden gem to Singaporeans.

Other than the hands, we found a pair of feet at the bridge's end. If you keep looking, you will probably find all the body parts scattered around the mountains!

Aside from that scary thought, Da Na Hill is a very Instagramable place with cool corners around the hill.
Le Jardin D Amour
You can also explore Le Jardin D'Amour, home to 9 different gardens in Ba Na Hill.
Le Jardin D'Amour

This includes the Love Garden, which resembles a French courtyard and the Secret Garden with a maze you could easily get lost in.
Love Garden

Ling Ung Pagoda
We spotted the second Ling Ung Pagoda at Ba Na Hill. It's easy to find with the 27 m Shakyamuni statue nearby.
Before we left to explore another part of Ba Na Hill, we popped into the original French Wine Cellar built in 1923 in the mountains for a quick sip of wine.
Slurp Slurp
If time permits, you could also hop on the Funicular. The tour was free and easy. You would be given enough time to explore the attractions on your own.

The Golden Bridge, Le Jardin De Amour and the Linh Ung Pagoda are located at the lower base of Ba Na Hill; we must take another cable car up to the French Village and Fantasy Park.

It was still foggy when we were up at the French Village. Instead of a village, all we got was the MIST!
Instead of exploring, we decided to have an early lunch instead. The buffet spread was included in our tour price.

Fun fact: During our buffet, we spotted Crocodile meat!

Would you dare to try?

Crocodile meat

Fantasy Park

Our next stop was Fantasy Park. This unique indoor entertainment area is perfect for kids.

This imposing Free Fall Tower catches your eye the moment you step in. Next to it is a full-scale 5-storey tall wall for you to climb. Adrenaline Junkies would love these.

The highlight for us will undoubtedly be the FREE arcade games. With over 90 free games, you would be spoilt for choice. Our favourite games will be the Giant Pacman and Star Wars Battle Pod.
Giant Pacman
We also found carnival games and claw machines. It was hard to resist a try since each game cost only 12000VND (S$0.65)
Carnival Games
Being The Arcade Kidz, the boy lived up to his namesake and won some games. But it's more challenging than it looks!

Other attractions include a mini Jurassic World and a 3D mega 360-degree cinema that's the first of its kind in Vietnam!

If that isn't enough, some rides will take you 360 degrees too!
Spin spin spin

When we got out of Fantasyland, the fog miraculously disappeared. Our guide had told us that we could experience up to 4 different weather up the hill in one day. We had the rainy season, the chilly season with fog and the sunny season. If you are heading up to Ba Na Hill, bring a sweater or raincoat if the weather changes.

French Village
French Village
With the skies cleared, it's time to admire the beauty of the French Village. We can see the Sunworld glode with medieval castles and cathedrals behind it. For a moment, we were reminded of Universal Studios, which we visited last year.

Soon we were joined by the swamp of crowds who came out of their hiding places when they realised the sky had cleared.

We decided to seek refuge in the cathedral.

It is not really a cathedral but is built to resemble one. Like the rest of the French Village, the buildings are replicas. Most are meant to house restaurants and accommodations. You could also stay at Ba Na Hill if you could secure a room at the Mercure Danang French Village.

You can book your rooms here.

With the skies cleared, we spotted an interesting ride, the Alpine coaster. It looks like Luge Ride on steroids. Unfortunately, time was not on our side, and we could not try it.

Still, there are plenty more things to see. Explore the star signs gallery, where you can find your own star sign, visit the Wax Museum or simply walk the streets of the French Village.
After spending close to 7 hours on Ba Na Hill, it's time to head back hotel. We took a separate cable car line down.

Our return trip was also included in the tour. We stopped at a Viet Food restaurant near our hotel before returning via the L'Indochine Line, the cable car line holding the record for longest and highest elevation.
Toc Tien Waterfalls

Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of the ride for a view of the Toc Tien Waterfalls.

Book your Premier Ba Na Hill trip from Klook
Am Thuc Viet

If you are staying at A La Carte hotel, look for this restaurant 2 streets away. Serving delicious Viet Food at a price averaging $5 per dish, it's the perfect way to indulge during the holiday. We had 2 meals there, and it does about $30 for a meal for 4!
Viet Food

Since it was the weekend, we headed up to the rooftop of our hotel to catch the Dragon Bridge fire breathing session. You could also make your way there by Grab, but as we were all tired out by the day, this was the best way for us to view it.
Dragon Bridge Danang

Day 4
Hue Private Tour

Today is culture day!

Our day began early as we headed out to Hue. Hue is a city in central Vietnam and was the capital of the Đàng Trong Kingdom from 1738 to 1775 and the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. This UNESCO world heritage site was also the battleground for the Battle of Hue, one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War.
We took the Hue Private Day Tour from KlookThe tour was chosen because it had a Private driver and an English-Speaking Guide. In addition, only our family was on this tour, making it an intimate experience at Hue.

Other ways to head to Hue include a Hue City Tour from Danang or a DIY custom Tour. The former is a group tour with an English-Speaking guide, while the latter only includes a driver that may not speak English.
Dragon Boat
The Private Day Tour comes with a dragon boat trip on the Perfume River. This is significant as only Emperors in the past had the honour of taking such rides. The boats resemble the bumboats of Pulau Tekong, so if you have yet to go on one, it will be an experience.

Thein Mu Pagoda
After crossing the Perfume River, we arrived at the Thien Mu Pagoda.

The Thien Mu Pagoda is known as the Pagoda of the Celestial Lady. It is a historic temple in the city with its iconic seven-story pagoda. Regarded as the city's unofficial symbol, the pagoda is a must-visit when you are in Hue.

Having a personalised guide is great for this trip. Through him, we learned about the significance of Thien Mu Pagoda. We also learn that plenty of fruit plants are found within the compounds too!

The compound has many relics to see. From the giant bell to the Austin motor vehicle where Thich Quang Duc was self-driven to self-immolation, it is a sacred place with historical value. At the end of the compound lies the body of the abbot of the pagoda, Hòa Thượng Thích Ðôn Hậu, entombed in the stupa surrounded by frangipani trees

Hue: Imperial City of Hue
Our next stop is the 19th-century Citadel, otherwise known as the Imperial City of Hue. This is also a site where the Battle of Hue took place. Looking closely at the surroundings, you might spot bullet holes in the walls.
The Imperial City resembles the Forbidden City of Beijing. Vietnam was an Imperial Country with a history dating back to as long as the mid to late 3rd Century BC. The Imperial City of Hue was the last seat of power until the Nguyễn dynasty's last Emperor, Bảo Đại, abdicated in 1945.
The Gates to the Imperial City
Much of the city was destroyed in major wars, such as the internal wars of 1947 and the Vietnam War in 1968. During the siege, the Imperial Palace was destroyed as well.
The Imperial Palace once stood tall ahead.
Out of the 160 buildings, only 10 survived the war. Today, they are painstakingly restored by artisans and craftsmen to bring history back to modern times.
Door to the past
There are parts of the old retaining walls that remain in the compound. On them, you could see bullet holes from past wars embedded in them.
Old Wall - Spot the bullet holes.
As for the areas that are restored, they are beautifully crafted.

We even spotted a painting of how Emperors were transported on Dragon Boats in the past.

The replica Golden Dragon of Hue stood in the middle of the compound, bemused by the sight of the newly restored buildings.

The Imperial City is an exciting visit. The eccentric mix of old and new could make the casual visitor understand what is restored and what is original. In a way, this marriage works, with each complementing the other. It also spoke volumes of the work needed to restore this place to its former glory.

The last stop of the Citadel is the Royal Theatre. This was restored and is now a venue for traditional Vietnamese performances.
After an hour or so, it was time to bade farewell. Along the way to the exit, we spotted one of the original Dragon of the Imperial City guarding the entrance of the Royal Theatre.
Original Dragon
It's time for lunch next.
Local restaurant

Lunch was at a local restaurant serving up a 10-course traditional Hue cuisine. The sumptuous spread was more than enough to feed the four of us.
Hue Cusine
Tomb of Tu Duc

The afternoon was spent visiting the famous tombs of Vietnamese Emperors. The first stop was TiuDuc Tomb, built in 1867. The Emperor has the longest reign of any monarch of the Nguyen dynasty, with over 4 decades of rule.

Epitaph of the Emperor

Although he had over a hundred wives and concubines, he could not father a son. The tomb complex was built when he was still alive and had been used as its residence.
Entrance to the tomb
The tomb itself was relatively modest in contrast with the vast compound. It had invited Tomb raiders in the past to look for hidden treasures. Surprisingly, no treasures were found as Emperor Tu Duc and his treasures were buried in a secret place in Hue instead.
Kheim Tomb
Tomb of Khải Định
Khai Dinh tomb

Our last stop at Hue it the Tomb of Khải Định, Khải Định was the Emperor of Vietnam in 1916 and ruled till 1925. Unlike Tu Duc, he was unpopular due to his close ties with the French. Nonetheless, he had made plans for an impressive mausoleum to house his body upon his death.

Tomb of Khai Dinh
Although the compound was smaller compared to Tu Duc, the scale of the Tomb of Khải Định was impressive. Built-in a style influenced by European architecture. The sight of this imposing building on a hill is impressive. 

Head to the main building, and you will be awed by the structure.
The Tomb Entrance
One thing to note is that when visiting sacred places in Vietnam, it is best to dress appropriately before entering. Scarfs are provided for cover if necessary.
Scarves provided

Our jaws dropped when we saw the interior. Well survived by wars, the impressive ceiling decorated with nine dragons was grandiose. It's amazing how these were unharmed during the war.
Tomb Interior
Being a history buff, Dad enjoyed his visit to Hue to uncover the History of Hue. With 1121 UNESCO sites worldwide to uncover, we had already struck 2 off the list with this holiday in Danang.

Before the sun fell, we made our 2 hours journey back to Danang.

Here's how you can plan your trip to Hue

Babylon Spa Experience

After dinner, Mom and Dad stopped by Babylon Garden for a Spa Experience. The spa was located just steps away from A La Carte Hotel. It was a relaxing experience as they chose The Sense Garden Body Treatment with Hot Stones. 

You could get a 60 minutes session for less than $18 if you pre-book from Klook.

Day 5
Custom Day Tour
My Khe Beach

Fun Fact - Vietnamese are early birds. At 530 am in the morning, we already spotted a crowd strolling at My Khe Beach. It was a relaxing day for us as we took a Custom Tour from Klook. 
For the Custom tour, you would have a local driver and car for up to 12 hours. All cost of the car is covered, and you would have a basic English Driver. Do note it is best to have the Google Translate app on the phone to communicate with the driver. You can set your itinerary with a visit to Hue, Hoi An or simply explore Danang. The one-day custom tour is also available for departure from Hue and Hoi An.

Lady Buddha-Ling Ung Pagoda

Having visited the cities of Hue and Hoi An via tour groups, we decided to do a DIY tour around Danang. Our first stop was the third Ling Ung Pagoda we visited on this trip. After that, it was a 15-minute ride from our hotel to Son Tra Peninsula.

Here, the majestic Lady Buddha awaits. Interestingly, we spotted several Lady Buddha statues around Danang on our day trips. The Lady Buddha at Ling Ung Pagoda stood the tallest at 67 meters, equivalent to a 30 Storey building. It was said that she was built to protect Danang Bay from hurricanes. Since then, there have been no hurricanes in Danang.

Danang Lady Buddha

The Lady Buddha is visible from most corners of Danang and can be viewed from our hotel across the bay. Spot our hotel from the Lady Buddha vantage point.
Spot our hotel

Danang Museum

Our next stop is the Danang Museum. The entrance to the Museum is undoubtedly inspired by the Louvre Museum in France.
Naplam Bombs
We made it a point to visit museums for our overseas trip, where you can catch a glimpse of the city or country's past. The Museum houses the Natural and social history of Danang. However, ite remnants of the US Army from the Vietnam War most intrigued us during the visit.
Let's take off.

Han Market
Han Market
Shopping was not really on our list for this visit, but we could not resist a visit to Han Market. Han Market is famous for its dried goods, Vietnamese áo dài (Traditional Costume), copy goods, and toys are ridiculous prices. For example, you could grab 1 kg of their famous cashew nuts for S$10,  áo dài for S$20 and even 'LV' wallets at $6. The prices are so low that it really makes bargaining unnecessary.

Local Produce

Danang Cathedral
Danang Cathedral
You should stop by the pink Danang Cathedral located nearby. This 70-meter-high church was built in 1923 and was the only church in Danang during the French colonial period. Note that the entrance is via the side gate, not the main one.

Cafe Hopping
Banh Mi
Another fun thing to do would be cafe hopping. You have to try their local Vietnamese coconut coffee. It's the bomb!

Dragon Bridge
A visit to Danang is only complete with a visit to the Dragon Bridge. It would be more impressive to visit it during weekend evenings. Then, the Dragon Bridge would light up at night and spout fire on Saturdays and Sundays at 9pm. Nearby, there is a night market for you to explore too.

Tourist- Dos and Don'ts

Asia Park Sunworld Danang

We added another theme park to our Itinerary. The Asia Park Sunworld Danang Wonders is a theme park near the city's heart. It is the same operator as the theme park on Ba Na Hill.

It consists of 3 main areas, an amusement park with modern rides and attractions, a cultural park comprised of ten countries focusing on traditional architecture and a central zone with free arcade games. Buy the ticket from Klook at a special price(adult) of $11+, including the buffet or $7+ without the buffet. The entry price with buffet for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) is a ridiculous $37. Half the price of ONE USS ticket in Singapore!

Prices cost 200000 VND (adult) and 150000 VND (Child) at the door without a buffet, so you will be better off getting the tickets from Klook.

Get your discounted tickets from Klook here.

Amusement park

Upon Entry, you would be amazed by how deserted the place is. We were there on a weekday afternoon, and there were barely 50 people in the park. There were no queues, and we could sit on the rides as often as possible.
Pirate Ship
The rides look deceivingly mild... that is, until you take a ride. There is the lovelock that spun us 10 rounds forward and backwards, making the older folks wary of other rides. You could also that the pirate king that sways from side to side or the 3 rollercoasters in the park. You might even want to conquer the Golden Tower drop or the Singapore Sling that would swing you up the air in a 360-degree turn!
Singapore Sling

Indoor Amusement

As per Ba Na Hills, all arcade games are free to play. There is even a large ball pit/shooting arena for kids. In addition, Carnival games are available, but they are much harder to win than Ba Na Hill.

Cultural Zone
Mini Ang Ko Wat
The Cultural zone includes 10 landscape areas. The most impressive one of them all would be the Mini Ang Ko Wat. We wanted to include Danang's 'Ang Ko Wat'- the UNESCO Heritage site My Son, in our Itinerary. However, we need more time to do so. Thus, the mini Ang Ko Wat at Asiapark made up for the missed trip.

You could book a trip to My Son from Klook here.

Merlion @ Danang Asia Park
There is also a Singapore Cultural Zone, and guess who we spotted there.
While we are demolishing our own icon, Danang paid tribute to it!


Before night falls, we took a ride at the 115-meter-tall Sunwheel. It's one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world and gives you a bird's eye view of Danang.
Hello Danang
Our ticket includes a decent buffet spread that showcases different food from all over the world.

The Asia Park theme park opens its doors from 3 pm till 9 pm. So stay through the night to watch it dazzle at night.

Helios Center: Carnival Games
Carnival Games
Our last stop was the nearby Helios Center, where they have indoor and outdoor carnival games and a night market. We stopped there to try a few games at 8000 VND per game ( S$0.50) and walked away with some prizes. It was a fun way to end the night!

You can book your Custom tour here.

Day 6 
Heading Home

Our last day at Danang. With an early flight out at 9am, we could only admire the sunrise and leave for the airport.

Danang had been a wonderful stop for us. Its location made it perfect for day trips to Hoi An, Hue and My Son. Besides, the city provides attractions such as Ba Na Hill, Asia Park Sunworld, and My Khe Beach within 30 minutes drive.

Our hotel, A La Carte, was also in a good spot in Danang. Located opposite My Khe Beach, with many eateries, it was also a good base for our trips around Danang. Moreover, our 2-bedroom apartment was spacious and had a living and dining space big enough for everyone.

You can book A La Carte Hotel from this link
Goodby Danang!

Soon we had to say goodbye and took a Private transfer from Klook to the airport.

Book your Private Danang International Transfer from Klook 

One thing about Danang is that you would have to look very hard for fast food restaurants. While there, we did not see any Mcdonald's or KFC. However, we did spot a Burger King at the airport. Be warned, though. If you intend to eat at the airport, the burger costs a whopping US$8 (S$11) for one! That is the highest price we pay for a meal in Vietnam.

Given the cheaper local food options, that could explain Danang's lack of fast food.
Danang was the perfect short getaway we sought as a family. It's inexpensive in terms of expenses and is relatively easy to plan. In addition, you do not need to book it via tour as you could do it independently with activities from Klook. 

It is also a refreshing destination if you frequent flyer to Bali or Phuket. With enough activities to keep the whole family occupied, it would make a great family destination for both young and old. The people are friendly too in Danang, and we had a good time chatting with our guides.

Worth a visit!

Danang Holiday Tips
Wifi from Klook
You would probably end up lesser compared to Phuket or Bali. Here is a breakdown of what you might spend for 4.

Airfares:  $1000 ( Jetstar)
Hotel: $600-$1200 ( 5 Nights Stay in a 4* Hotel with 2 bedrooms)
Activities: $1000 ( For 4 as per Itinerary)
Food: $400 (most of the meals are included in the Itinerary or hotel

Net spend $3000 - $3600

For a week away, it is considerably affordable compared to other destinations.

Getting around
All of our tours from Klook include transportation. Therefore, we do not require additional transport in Danang. However, if you wish to travel alone, the best way to get around is via Grab.

Get a translator like Microsoft Translator installed on your phone
You would need this for getting a ride, bargaining, and even ordering food.

Wifi might be available at the hotel or even theme park. However, getting a wifi device from Klook before arrival is best. We bought a Wifi from Klook that has home delivery. It was sent to us the day before our trip, and we returned it the next day via courier when we returned. Very convenient!

Best time to visit
We were there in November, which is traditionally the monsoon season. Thankfully, save for one morning, the rest of the trip was rain-free. However, if you want to avoid taking the risk, the best time to visit would be during the summer months, from March to July.

What to wear
Berms and T-shirts are fine in Danang. However, you should cover up if you visit temples or sacred places. consider covering to get the traditional áo dài from Han Market to wear during the trip. We met quite a few tourists who did that!

What to eat
Vietnam food is similar to Chinese food. We would recommend it in a heartbeat. Furthermore, it's very affordable and delicious too!

Prebook activities
For a fuss-free trip, we recommend pre-booking activities. You can get all the activities we listed from KlookFor a more intimate experience, we recommend private tours vs group tours when possible.

Activities featured

Bookmark our Website, as we will be bringing you detailed reviews of the individual activities in the weeks ahead!

The post contains affiliate links. Purchase through the links would not cost you a penny more, but we will get a small commission. This will help keep the lights on for the Website. Do support us if you find this review useful. The review is partially sponsored by Klook. Information is correct as of Dec 2019

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