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Elyon Cafe : Singapore's 100% Keto Friendly Restaurant

Have You Keto Yet?

What is Keto?
To simplify, Keto diet demands drastic reduction carbohydrates in your diet. To stay successful in the diet, you should not have more than 50g carb a day. That means no rice, noodles and sugar in your diet. The strict diet means you have a limit to what you can eat.

A year ago, my wife and I embarked on our Keto DietWe had success with the diet with weights dropping from 61kg to 51kg and 81kg to 70 kg respectively. As time progress, I decided to switch to a low carb diet and gain back half of what I lost in the progress. The main reason for the switch was that I could not find affordable KETO meal options and the daily bacon and eggs meals just do not make the mark.

Elyon Cafe
Elyon Cafe
Recently, Elyon Cafe invited us for a meal. The invitation got us excited as Elyon Cafe is a  Keto-Friendly restaurant. From research, this is probably Singapore's only 100% Keto-Friendly cafe in Singapore. 

There may be pretenders that serve steaks and chicken as KETO meals, but Elyon Cafe differs with their own creations of rice, noodles, burgers, pizzas, waffles and bread. They are items you would typically find in a 'normal' cafe and not one you would associate with Keto Diet. You might have read that KETO meals are expensive. Elyon Cafe will break the myth with prices that would not break the bank, with main dishes starting from $8.90 and pastry from $2.50. 

A steal for KETO food.
Elyon Cafe Interior
When you stepped into this light and airy corner unit located along a row of shophouses in Bukit Merah, you will be greeted with a wall of colourful dishes. The photos of burgers, rice, noodles and pizza already piqued our interest before we order. If you ever been on a diet, you would understand craving pangs. One look at the menu and the realisation that we could indulge and satisfy one year's worth of craving brought a wide grin on our faces.
Elyon Cafe Menu
Chicken Chicharon $7.90 (Carb:6g)
Chicken Chicharon
We started off our Keto delight with the Chicken Chicharon. This is a crispy chicken skin snack. It's not too oily and you could taste the familiar hint of fried chicken in each bite.  The Asian Spicy-Lime dipping sauce made it extra special. It had been a while since we had dip our food in sauces without filling any guilt. This started is an absolute delight that even kids would enjoy. With a carb count of 6g, it will not break your keto diet.

Other snacks you could try include Crispy Enoki Fries and Cheesy Cauli-mash. With a carb count of 5g and less, it's easy on your diet.

The first thing we had to give up on a Keto Diet was rice. It was tough since rice has always been a staple of Asian food. Dishes without rice are simply not the same. When we tasted the Cauli-Fried Rice at Elyon Cafe, we were blown away. The mix of cauliflower and egg surprisingly tasted like fragrant fried rice. Even the texture was similar. We did ask if they mixed it with rice but was assured that it is 100% Keto Friendly with just the ingredients listed.

It's a must try dish on the menu!

Braised Beef Stew $9.90 (Carb:4g)
Braised Beef Stew
You can order the Cauli-Fried rice on its own or you can order the Braised Beef Stew that comes with the Cauli Fried Rice. The combination will be a delight to those craving for an Asian dish, a rare sight in a Keto Diet. Combining the flavours and you would be forgiven to think that you are eating a typical home cook Asian dish.

Smoked Chicken Rice $8.90 ( Carb 7.6g)
Smoked Chicken Rice
If you would want something more filling, the smoked chicken rice would be a good option. This is the perfect blend of east and west. 


Pulled Beef  $15.90 ( Carb: 7g)
Pulled Beef
Rice was not the only missing thing in our diet. Ever since we embarked on the Keto journey, bread had disappeared from our life. We had tried to make our own Almond bread but it was with little success. Elyon Cafe Pulled Burger was not only cooked to perfection, but the texture was also similar to bread. Together with hand-pulled 10 hours braised beef brisket, each bite is flavourful. Add cheese, in house roasted garlic Aioli sauce and butterhead lettuce, burger never tasted so go. The Crispy Enoki shoe strong fries complete the meal.

If beef is not your choice of meat, you can opt for the Pan-Seared Chicken instead.

Roma Carbonara $9.90 (2g)
Roma Carbonara
Noodles, especially pasta was a forgotten dish on our diet. The Roma Carbonara brings back the familiar taste of pasta with its smoked duck, button mushroom and in house carbonara sauce cooked with Shirataki noodles. This 2g Carb load is great for noodle lovers.

As for the Shirataki, a zero carb noodle, we are going to incorporate it in our diet in the future given how great it tasted!

Margherita $16.90 (11g)
Cauli Pizza
When we told the boys we are going for a Keto meal, they were incredulous. Having seen what we had ate before, their appetite was quelled by the word Keto. Their mind changed when they saw Pizza on the menu. Together with the Chicken Chicharon, they became converts. Keto food can actually be an indulgence!

The cheesy Keto Pizza was a delight with each bite. The cauli pizza simply melts in your mouth with each bite.
Keto Pizza
Classic Waffle $4 (Carb:1g)

For desserts. we highly recommend Waffles. Each classic waffle is made with almond flour, eggs and fresh pandan juice. Each Waffle contains only 1g of carb!

Add on ice cream to complete the meal. The Ice Cream are all produced in-house.

Strawberry Cupcakes with Chia Seed Jam $4
Strawberry Cupcakes
Italian Bread $2.50
Italian Bread
Keto Sesame Bun $2.50
Keto Sesame Bun
Save your stomach for the pastries too. The Italian Bread was so good that you could eat it on its own. Most of the desserts have less than 3g carb. It's the not so sinful treat that you can indulge in.

Spreads Fr $11.90
Elyon Spreads

If you love spreads but find them high in carbs, you can take home these Keto-Friendly Spreads

Bone Broth
Beef and Chicken Broth $5.90

Other than the meals, Elyon Cafe is also famous for its broth. Their broth is branded under Broth 48. This preservative free broth is the perfect soup to add to your meals. Taken with Keto Diet, it will help quicken the slimming process and prevent leaky gut. The broth are freshly brewed from organic bones and you could order a batch for home use. You can also add this to your meal at Elyon Cafe to have a taste of it.

This broth is also Elyon cafe speciality. The customers had used this to supplement their Keto diet and the results had been positive. They have a 21-day detox program using this broth to help you kickstart your Keto Diet.

More information can be found here

Speed Coffee $5.50

Forget about diet coke or oolong tea, you could try Avo Avo shake, Ice milk Tea or even Speed Coffee at Elyon Cafe. Drinks are purposely concocted to contain less than 3g of carb,


Elyon Cafe was started by Calvin. He told us that about a year and a half ago, he was overweight and decided to do something about it. He formalised his own meals and the Keto Broth for his own diet. Since then, he had successfully lost 20kg. In the process, he set up Keto Indulgence with the intention to share his Keto meals. Elyon Cafe was the result of his hard work and love for Keto. 
Have you Keto?

The meals we tasted was better than expected. If we knew of this place when we first started Keto, it would make the transition to Keto much easier. For first-timers to Keto, you might want to pop in to have a feel of what Keto meals could be. Get the broth while you are there too. We heard it compliments well with Keto Diet and would aid the process of weight loss. For season Keto Dieters, a visit will surely surprise you with the variety of Keto meals you could indulge in. The best part is that Elyon Cafe is continually researching and adding new items to the menu, making each visit a different experience.

Keto Story
We were told that Elyon Cafe is just the first step to a masterplan to bring Keto to the masses. There are plans to expand the setup in the future and we look forward to it!

In the meantime, you can get your craving fix with delicious KETO meals at Elyon Cafe

Elyon Café
126 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-202 Singapore 150126

Elyon Cafe

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