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The Great Circus of Europe Singapore Review

Step right up...The Circus is in town!

The Great Circus of Europe rolls into town with the aid of perennial heartland favourite carnival operator Uncle Ringo. This is the debut of The Great Circus of Europe under the Big Top at Bayfront Event Space.  It's part of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2020 together with Uncle Ringo Carnival and Escapade Street Food, making it the perfect family outing to cap 2019.


Forget about tigers jumping through hoops or stallions riding around the ring, Instead, this Circus will thrill you with jaw-dropping stunts by an ensemble of talented circus acts around the world.

First to kick off the night was the hunky survivors that amaze the audience with their precise aerial manoeuvres. They probably brought the loudest cheers among the ladies for the night.

Getting into the festive mood is a stunning aerial rope display.Look out for  a familiar snowman making an appearance towards the end of the performance.

Continuing the aerial acrobatics was a ballet display in the sky by Duo Nava.

The tempo increase when the High Rollers take the stage with their turns on roller skates.

That act was surpassed with ease by the Columbian daredevils The Gerlings. They take on the dangerous Double Space Wheel with aplomb. Four acrobats ran both inside and outside the wheel. Hearts were in our mouth when they took up a notch with rope jumping and blindfolded walk OUTSIDE the wheel. This act is not for the faint-hearted.

The Athumani Warriors take over the stage by flying through the air.

Prince Amiri took over with a contortionist act that will have you turning in your stomach. His act is literally a head turner!

The Sherik Brothers from Kazakhstan capped the aerial performance with acrobatics performed 13 metres above the ground.

Last but not least the Skyriders thrill with their motorbikes. Riding at high speed with precision, 5 motorcycles criss-cross each other in the tiny Thunderdome. It's even more impressive when you think that a split second is all it takes to make a little mistake. It's an incredible performance!

Special mention to the Ringmistrees Hayley Grandey, the London Showgirl and the hilarious Clown Andreea!

If you are a fan of Britain got Talent, you would love the Great Circus of Europe. The acts may seem familiar and you probably had watched it a couple of times on the telly. However, nothing beats watching it live on stage. You will be rooting for the performers with every jump and tumble. It's Old School Circus with high entertainment value.  This 90 minutes long performance will be great for a family day out.

The show will end on Jan 1 2019. Get your tickets here.


While you are there do check out the Carnival Games by Uncle Ringo where you can win huge plushies from Toys Story, Monster Inc, Winnie the Pooh and more.

There are over 20 games and rides for families to enjoy!


Just next to the Carnival ist the Escapafe Festive Village where you could get street food from around Asia region. With over 30 unique F & B outlets, you would be spoilt for choice.

It's a delectable feast, family-friendly carnival games and thrilling acts all under one roof.

The Circus, Carnival and Festive Village will be held from Dec 20 to Jan 1 at Bayfront Event Space.

TWD was invited to the show for the purpose of review. All opinions are of our own.

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