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Escapade Festive Market: 8 Must Try Street Food

Escapade Festive Village opens at Bayfront Event Space

As part of the Marina Bay Countdown 2020, Escapade Festive Village opens its doors to the public from Dec 20 to 1 January. Here you can find 30 street food stalls from all over Asia. From Taiwanese street snack such as flame-grilled beef cubes, Fried Chicken, Bubble Tea to Singapore's Take a Bite White Rabbit Drink, there is something for everyone at this Festive Market. Just remember to bring an empty stomach and a big fat wallet!

Here are a selection of 8 street food to try

Tie Fun Wan : Braised Pork Rice

Eat this while it's warm. Top it with Onsen Egg and it will be a delight with every bite. This is a fusion dish that resembles the Taiwan Braised pork rice with a twist.

The Social Swag  : Yakiniky Beef Cubes and Fries

Flame Grilled to perfection. This combination is chewy at every bite.

Big Big Fries : Big Fries with Nacho Cheese

This is how you supersize your meal with 30cm French Fries. Top it with Nacho Cheese for an added oomph to every bite.

Thai Grilled Pork

Tender and flavourful, these chunky sticks will keep you full.

Take a Bite: Fried Oreos

Oreo Chocolate + Fried. We are sold!

Take a bite: Tiger Dot Brown Sugar Milk Bubble Tea

You cannot escape the bubble tea craze in Singapore. Try not to overload on the sugar.

Big Bossku: Milk Base Drink

It's the baby bottle that attracted us to this drink. A unique way of drinking that will bring you back to your childhood.

Take a Bite : White Rabbit Milk Tea

This local creation is a must for white rabbit fans!

There are plenty of more food choice to choose from.

  • Lao Niang: Colourful Fried Chicken & Sweet Potato Balls
  • Spud Shack: Rostis
  • Lalaland: BBQ Mentaiko Prawn, Chilli Crab Lala and Oysters
  • Footitude: Praffles
  • Hey Beef: Sweet Potatoes and Torched Beef
  • Cake Love: Salted Egg Mach & Cheese
  • Loco Loco:  Takoyaki, Churros
  • Sofnade: Meatballs in a Bucket
  • Oddball: Artisanal Ice Cream
  • Yumcha: Salted Egg Corndogs
  • Smooy: Frozen Yoghurts
  • Rosti Haus: Rosti
  • Mookata Express: Thai Food
  • Hot Star: Fried Chicken Cutlet
  • The Lobster Bay: LobsterRolls
  • Surfies: Fried Chicken in a Waffle
  • Frank Nation: Franks with Toppings
  • Papi;'s Tacos: Tacos
  • Kind Kones: Vegan Ice Cream
  • Teochew Traditional Oyster Puff
  • +65 Local Bar

For full list of vendors, do refer here.

There are instgramable tables and chairs for you to enjoy your meal under the stars.  

You can also take photos at the Instagramable photo booth.  There will also be daily performances on site. Refer to the timing here.

While you are there, you might want to check out The Great Circus of Europe and Uncle Ringo Carnival!

The Escapade Festive Market will close on 1 Jan, so make your way there while you still can!

Escapade Festive Market
Dec 20 to Jan 1
From 3 Pm onwards
Bayfront Event Space

TWD was invited for a media preview

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