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Uncle Ringo Bayfront Carnival : All the Games and how to win them!

Uncle Ringo is back at Marina Bayfront!

Taking over the carnival reins this year at Bayfront Event Space is Uncle Ringo Carnival. Uncle Ringo is well known for its heartlands carnival. This time around, it will be held in a bigger scale together with The Great Circus of Europe and Escapade Festive Village to add a little spice to the Marina Bay Countdown festivities.

There will be a total of 15 Carnival Games to try your luck. Games usually cost $5 (5 credits)  The prizes had been upgraded from the usual Uncle Ringo fare with the majority of prizes that are Disney related. We dare say the quality of the prizes are much better compared to previous years' Marina Bay Carnival.

Check out how we did at the Carnival.

We will review each one and let you know the best games to play to win a coveted Carnival toy. Let's get the ball rolling...

Bells @ Uncle Ringo Carnival
How to win

Bells is a knock them down the game. You would be provided with medium size footballs to knock the bells off the table. The bells must be knocked down completely.

If you have a good toss, a decent swing right in the middle would do the trick. We managed to knock them off completely on our first try!

Win Factor 3/5
Higher if you have a good throwing arm.

Can Blaster @ Uncle Ringo

How to win
Shoot 3 balls through the Can Blaster and knock  the cans down. There are a total of 10 cans, knock at least 6 cans to win a prize.

Try playing with 2 people, one to load and the other one to aim. This way, you do not need to re-aim once you get the right position.

Win Factor 3/5
Probably can get at least a small toy.


How to Win
Hit all cans off the ledge with 3 throws. The lesser the number of throws, the larger the prize.

Aim for the middle of the cans.

Win Factor 2/5
The cans are smaller than Bells with more targets to knockdown. You have a better chance with Bell.

Catch a Fish @ Uncle Ringo
How to Win
Catch 3 Fish and see if the total adds up to win a prize.

This is purely luck-based, but chances are good for a small toy.

Win Factor 4/5
Little kids would have a good chance to walk away with a prize.

Circle Darts @ Uncle Ringo
How to Win
Throw 3 darts onto the board and score 6 or more to win a prize.

You need a little bit of skill as the board is quite far away. There are scores of 0-3 on the board and you probably need to hit one 3 for a better chance.

Win Factor 2 / 5
Unless you are a darts expert, this game would require more luck than skill.

Pick a Prize @ Uncle Ringo Carnival
How to Win
Just pick a bag and hope that there is a silver or gold star in them to win a bigger prize.

Just pick a bag and hope for the best.

Win Factor 5/5
Each bag has a small toy. To win the big ones, you need tons of luck!
This game cost more than the usual at 8 credits.

Goblets @ Uncle Ringo Carnival
How to Win
Toss a Goblet Ball and win.

The balls are pretty light, so throw it a little further to land on the cups. Watch the wind as it will blow the balls away from the cup.

Win Factor 3/ 5
It's a luck-based game. Once you get the toss right, it's all down to luck to land on the right colour.

Lobster Pot @ Uncle Ringo Carnival

How to Win
Toss a ball into the tub and win. The more balls that land in the bucket, the bigger the prize.

There are 2 ways to throw the ball. The first is to toss underarm and hit the lower rim for the ball to roll in. The next is to toss underarm with a high loop. Either way is good for a win ( see our video for tips). Do not cross the line when you toss.

Win Factor 4/5
Once you get the technique right, you would be able to win comfortably.

We won 4 out of 6 times in the Lobster Pot with one Medium Prize too!

Check out our loot

Rebound @ Uncle Ringo Carnival
How to Win
Rebound the ball off the board into the red box to win.

You have to aim high on the top of the board and do it lightly. The correct toss will win you a prize.

Win Factor 2/5
Easier than it looks.

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How to Win
Get one ring to land and stay on top of the bottle to win.

Hold the ring with 3 fingers and throw it and spin it at the same time. By spinning, it will give the ring angular momentum and will land on the bottle the right way. Aim for the closer bottles using this method so you do not need to toss too high.

Win Factor 1/5
This one requires a whole year of luck. But if you get one on the bottle, the prize is so worth it.

Roll a Ball @ Uncle Ringo Carnival
How to Win
Roll the ball up the table and land in the holes. There are scores on each hole. Score higher to win a bigger prize. The minimum is 120 points.

Aim higher, the 50 and 100 points are higher up the hole.

Win Factor 2/5
We got a 100 for one ball and still not win a prize. You probably got a chance for a small prize, but the larger ones are difficult

Shuffle Board
How to Win
Push the puck down the table into the target area. Accumulate points to win a prize.

Use the first puck to adjust the strength of your push.

Win Factor 2/5
This one is not so easy. The higher points are quite far away and much harder to gauge.


How to Win
Shoot corks from the gun to the stack, the more you knock off the bigger the prize. There are 10 targets altogether, knock 5 off to win a small prize

The gun should be in line with the target. Game more suited for adults than kids due to the height of the target.

Win Factor 3/5
Good chance to win for adults


How to Win
Pick an Odd Number to win a prize. You can pick 5 cards per try.

It's luck-based so you need a ton of luck!

Win Factor 2 /5
Are you feeling lucky?


How to Win
2 tries to pass the metal ring down the metal wire without sounding the alarm

You need a steady hand for this

Win Factor 2/5
If you have steady hands and concentration, winning is possible!

Other than games, there are rides as well.

The rides are more suitable for younger kids. Rides include the carousel, bumper cars and swing.

Watch the Circus or head to the next door Escapade to complete your evening of fun.

Carnival games require both skill and luck. For the record, we played 20 games and won 10 times. It's not rigged as some said, but highly possible to bag yourself a prize for an evening of fun.

Good luck!

Uncle Ringo Carnival Games
Dec 20 to Jan 1
From 3 Pm onwards
Bayfront Event Space

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