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$100 ONLY - The Real Story

$100 Only

Overheard on the radio this morning about a child receiving a Good Progress Award and was 'disappointed' at receiving $100 only for her GPA. Her Dad shared this story on FB.  Taken this into context, without reading the full story, would lead one to think the child is entitled. The radio show followed through this 'storyline' as well.

If you do take time to read, it is more comedy than a rebuke on a child's ungratefulness. In fact, it showcased the innocence of a child vs the way an adult thinks.

Personally, after reading the story, I am a little disgusted by the radio show. It was a completely different version than what was written in the post.  There are many ways to tell an interesting story. There are also many ways to manipulate one. Using a child to create controversy when there is none is really a low blow.

In case you cannot read it, this is the full text

Yesterday afternoon Ruixin earned herself the good progress award. I was very proud of her and was so delighted to be part of her memory in receiving the award.
After the ceremony she kept looking at what she had received and I asked her “so how are you feeling my dear?”

She said without looking up “it’s no big deal. It’s only $100.”
“Hey. Don’t talk like that. You are being acknowledged and it means a lot. And $100 is not a small sum.” I said both concerned and confused.

She replies again, “... but it really is only $100.”

I was quite disappointed. And I went silent. And in the car on the way home she kept muttering “$100 only”. And I began reflecting on how I had raised my daughter and how I was going to teach her about humility and gratitude and thankfulness and really what all this meant for larger society...

So once we got home and parked, I turned around to her and was about to speak, slight anger but with every intent on having her see the value of what she had received. Then I saw her concentrating real hard on reading her cheque. Her finger moving across each word as she read them, over and over again... “ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ONLY’, ‘ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ONLY’.

I think for those who are lazy, they would only focus on the first 3 paragraphs and miss the gist of the story. The whole point of the tale was that the girl was merely reading what is written and she was not 'disappointed' as implied by others. It was a funny and heartwarming story about how a child and adult speak and nothing more.

Even the writer had to clarify his story thereafter

I think the urgency is to teach her about banking. Not necessarily her values.
Lol. I forgot its her first Cheque.
And thankfully, she still is both excited and thankful. She later kept asking about how to go back to thank her teachers.

The point of this post... read before you leap. It is best to get it straight from the source else at the end of the day, you might be lead to a wild goose chase. Never believe what you read or hear in the media unless it is straight from the source.

As for the child who did well... CONGRATULATIONS!

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