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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys : 23 Jan to 19 Feb

Hasbro Gaming is coming to your Happy Meal!

McDonald's will be teaming up with Hasbro Gaming for the Happy Meal toys from 23 Jan to 19 Feb. They will be providing mini versions of Popular Games from Hasbro including Hungry Hungry Hippo, Pie Face and Twister!

Here is the lineup

Week 1: 23-29 Jan
Twister | Trouble

Week 2: 30 Jan - 5 Feb
Guess Who? | Mouse Trap

Week 3:  6-12 Feb
Pictureke | Hungry Hungry Hippo

Week 4 : 13 - 19 Feb
Connect 4 | Pie Face

Instead of toys, you could also opt for the book series. From 23 Jan 2020, there will be new book series base on Treetop Twins Wilderness Adventures. The books are written by Cressida Cowell, the English children author who is well known for her book ' How to Train a Dragon'

You can choose between a toy or a book for each Happy Meal purchased!

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