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Celebrate with Domino Abundance Sets this CNY!

Usher in the new year with Domino Abundance Deal

Abundance Set

CNY is always a time for feasting. To join in the celebration, Domino introduces Abundance Sets for this season.

Choose between the Abundance Meal, Abundance Feast or the Abundance Festive Set. Depending on the sets, you can fill from 3 pax to 12 pax with delights from Domino.
Qu4ttro Pizza
Choose between the Qu4ttro fiesta that has 4 different toppings in one pizza or pair it with their all-time favourite range of Pizza.
All-time Favourite Range
For Abundance Feast ($38.80) and Abundance Festive Feast, they come with an additional awesome foursome set that comes with chicken drumsticks, chicken crunchies, cheesy mozzarella stix and breadstix.

Awesome Foursome
These bit size snacks compliment well with your Pizza.  They are usually the hit with children.

Pair your meal with the Ondeh Lava Cake and Chocolate Lava Cake that is dripping with sweet fillings that would make your year 甜甜蜜蜜 (Sweet with Delight)

Lave Cake Dominos

The Abundance Set is only available this festive season. You will get free stickers, Domino 2020 calendar & Domino's Notebook for orders above $20 while stock last.

Get it while you can.

Huat ah!

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