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How to collect your free Surgical Mask in Singapore

It has been announced that from Feb 1, each household will be getting 4 masks.

5.2 Million masks will be distributed to 1.3 Million Households. This is a one-off measure by the Government to alleviate the difficulty in obtaining a mask in Singapore.

Collection of Mask
Mask distribution will start progressively from Sat (1st Feb) and will be expected to be completed by Feb 9. It will be distributed accordingly to each constituency plan,

Public housing will collect their masks from Sat (Feb 1) , while private housing will collect the mask from Thurs (Feb 6).

You can check your timing here

Collection timing 
Sat - 2pm to 10pm
Sun onwards - 10am to 9pm

Collection Point
654 Resident's Committee Centres (RC) of 89 community centers(CC). Private estates to collect at CC

Documents to bring
Bring NRIC to verify home address. Each household is entitled to 4 masks

More information will be available at RC Noticeboards, social media platforms on when and where to collect masks.

As there are ample masks allocated, there is no need to rush for the mask. It is best to choose a time where it will be less crowded for collection.

When to wear a mask
Wear a mask if you are feeling unwell. If you are visiting a doctor due to flu symptoms, do wear a mask upon your visit. There is no need to wear a mask if you are well.

For more updates on Wuhan Virus in Singapore, Do follow our timelines for dates and affected locations updates.

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