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Sonos One Singapore Review : Your Personal Assistant

Hey Google - 'What's the weather?'
The above is just one of the many questions you can ask Sonos One.

If you fancy having your own personal assistant to read out your daily schedule, check the traffic and weather or play your favourite songs, you would love Sonos One.  When TC Acoustics offered to provide one for review, it was hard to resist the offer.

What is Sonos One?
Sonos One
The Sonos One is a smart speaker system wrapped in a simple cylinder block. Do not be fooled by the demure looking device, married with Google Assistant and Alexa, it will turn into the smart little helper that you never know you need and desire.

There are other smart speakers in the market by Apple, Amazon, Google. However, these are speakers that have their strength in AI. Sonos has its roots on the speaker system. The latter get one up as it uses existing AI from the available platform together with its renowned sound system. Sonos One is the smart speaker that is targetted at Music Lovers.

In addition, Sonos One comes with 6 internal microphones that have smart voice capture and noise cancellation to allow it to hear from you even when the music is playing. With two Class-D digital amplifiers, a mid-woofer and a  tweeter, the music never sounds sweeter. you could also pair with another Sonos One to create a surround effect!

Sonos 1 Setup
Sonos One Wireless Setup
The Sonos One requires a setup before it can be used. Download the Sonos App from Google Playstore or Apple App store
Setting Up Sonos One
Sonos 1 can be set up using wirelessly or ethernet via the app. We recommend using Wireless set up. The whole setup took us about 10 minutes to figure out. We could have done it much faster if we were more familiar with the process. In addition to setting up the wireless network, you would need to set up Voice Support for the device. 

Sonos One and Google Assistant.
Once connected, the Sonos One will be connected via the wifi system and you could either control it using the Sonos App, Apple AirPlay 2 or simply speak into it once Google Assistant is set up. Using the smartphone to operate Sonos One is unnecessary as long as it is connected to Wifi with the internet.

There are also touch-sensitive buttons on the top panel to control play, microphone and volume. A white LED would indicate if the voice control is switched on.

Sonos One

Sonos 1 Features
Google Assistant
Multiple Assistant, one device

With Google Assistant, you practically have a personal assistant right next to you. If you are using Google Apps such as Google Calendar, it would be able to list your events for you.  Other than that, you could use it to play music, set alarms, check traffic or even tell a joke.

In addition, Sonos One supports Alexa and Apply Airplay depending on your country. If you are able to access these platforms, Sonos One will be the only speaker you need as it allows you to use all three platforms in one device.

No Alexa for Sonos One
Do note for Singapore, Alexa is not available. 

Radio and News at your command

The provided Sonos One app comes with Tunein. With Tunin, you are able to have access to radio shows, music, news, sports and more at your fingertips. With stations and news outlets from all over the world, you could keep yourself updated and entertained with the Sonos One. It will make the perfect workplace companion.
Stations all over the world
Stream from popular Music Platform
Add Music Services 
If you need more music, Sonos One supports popular music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Music and more. 

Control Comcast device
If you have Comcast TVs, you could also use Sonos One to play youtube on the telly. Why use the remote when you can simply use your voice.

How to use Sonos One

Personal Assistant

The best way to use the Sonos One is as a personal assistant. Place it at your workstation so you could use it for the task such as schedule check, information queries. music and more.

Mini Chef

You can use Sonos as a mini chef in the kitchen. Use it to find your favourite recipe to whip up the delectable dish while having it play music in the background as you prepare your masterpiece.

Entertainment Hub

Place it in the living room and you have a new entertainment hub. Link it to the Television via Comcast and you would have a handsfree remote. 

Should you get the Sonos One?
Honestly, I never knew I needed a Personal Assistant until I found one. It was convenient to check for information without the need to turn on the computer or look at the phone. If I wanted soothing background music while I work, the Sonos One would gladly provide for it with its acoustics.

The Sonos One does have its limitation. Unlike conventional wireless speakers, the Sonos one does not come with Bluetooth. That means you cannot connect your PC to Sonos One for direct sound output. You could technically use AirPlay 2 if you have a Mac to link up the devices. Lastly, Sonos One cannot be used as a speaker system for making or taking calls on the phone. 

Nonetheless, if you do not have a unit at home or office, do consider it as it adds more fun to your daily routine!

TWD was provided a unit for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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