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Hoi An Day Trip : 7 Activities for families

Hoi An is a must-visit when you are in Danang, Vietnam.  

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its well-preserved old town, it is fast becoming a popular destination for travellers. Known for its yellow building and lanterns, it is best to visit Hoi An in the evening to enjoy its bustling atmosphere.

The best way to do so is via a day trip from Danang. Located less than 1 hour from Danang, you could opt for a budget-friendly day tour group to Hoi An or customise your own tour.

Top 8 Activities in Hoi An

Here are what you could do for your day trip to Hoi An

1Admire the architecture

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An is well known for its old town. Check out the yellow buildings lining up against the river.  One of the most iconic Vietnam attractions, Hoi An's Japanese-covered bridge dating back to the 18th century should not be missed.

2 Walk the Streets

The first thing you noticed about Hoi An Old Town is the number of overhead lanterns. At night, these Vietnamese lanterns illuminate the streets of Hoi An, bringing in an enchanting charm that is now synonymous with Hoi An. Walk the streets, look up and admire the beautiful landscape.

3 Take a boat Ride
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Riverside is the prominent landmark of Hoi An. Here traditional and modern boats line the Thu Bon River. The waterfront is lined with restaurants and shops. Admire the shimmering lights from a boat ride along the river.

3 Try Street Food

Hoi An Night Market occupying Nguyen Hoang Street has over 50 local vendors selling street food, clothing and knick-knacks.

You have to try the local street food there. Street food is priced from 20 -30 VND, making it an affordable fare. 

4 Go Shopping 

The Night Market also has several vendors selling trinkets and clothing. Bargaining is optional, and you might get a good price.

Make your way to the few stores that sell Vietnamese Lanterns. These are a must-buy in Hoi An. We got a pair of extra-large silk lanterns for about 320 VND ( SG $20). It's a steal considering that it cost as much as SG$40 for one in Singapore!

Other than Street vendors, there are shops around the old town that sells souvenirs and clothing.

Most shops sell similar things, but occasionally, you might find one that is more unique. If you have more than a day, you might want to check out the famed tailors of Hoi An to make a custom suit.

5 Pop in a Restaurant or a pub

Step into one of the many restaurants for an authentic Vietnamese meal or head to a pub for a drink or Vietnamese coconut coffee. The food is affordable and the atmosphere is laid back, making it an ideal setting to have a decent meal or simply just chilling out.

6 Dine by the Canal

If you decide to dine under the stars, you might want to opt to have a meal at the riverside instead. Local vendors sell street food and Vietnamese dishes along the river. Dine under the moonlight with a backdrop of colourful lights from the buildings across the river.

7 Take a carnival ride

There is a small carnival at the end of the street where you can find kiddie rides and slides. Perfect for little ones who want to have their own fun.

Hoi An is a perfect day trip stop. For more activities in Danang, you can check out our Danang Family Itinerary for kids.

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