Wuhan Virus Travel Restrictions Singapore

If you are travelling, take note.

New Travel Restrictions are in place as a result of the rapid rise in Wuhan Virus Infection.

The following measures are effective from Jan 29 Noon

1 Entry or transit new visitors who had travelled to Hubei in the last 14 days will be stopped

2 Holders of Chinese Passports issued in Hubei will not be allowed in

The following measures will be effective immediately
1 Returning Residents (Singaporeans and PR) with travel history to Hubei in the last 14 days will be quarantine

2 Returning long term pass holders (including work passes, dependent pass, long term visit pass, student pass) with travel history to Hubei in the last 14 days will be quarantine

3 Returning PRs and long term pass holders with PRC passports issued in Hubei will be quarantine

PRC passports issued in Hubei will have suspension of

  • Issuance of all forms of new visas
  • Previously issued short-term visas and multiple visit visa
  • Visa Free Transit Facilities

5 There are estimated 2000 people in Singapore with recent Hubei travel history or Chinese Nationals with Hubei Passports, about 1000 of them on short term visas. This that are assessed to be higher risk including those who had contact with someone infected with the virus or visited a hospital in Mainland China will be guaranteed.

6 Compulsory Leave of absence for students, teachers, returning from China will take a compulsory leave of absence for 2 weeks from the day they return. It applies to those who return from Jan 15 or later. This applies to Students and staff od all government schools including MOE Kindergartens, primary, secondary, special education schools, junior colleges and Millenia Institue.

7 Travel Advisory to defer all travel to Hubei Province issued on Jan 23. Travel Advisory to defer all non-essential travel to mainland China issued on Jan 27

For polytechnics and ITE, it will apply from Jan 14 or later.
This will impact more than 800 students

Source: CNA

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