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Ah Mei Teahouse Review : Be Spirited Away

 Be Spirited Away with a trip to Ah Mei's Teahouse

Spirited Away

If you are a fan of anime shows, you probably would have heard about Spirited Away. It is a hugely popular Japanese Animation that won the Academy Award in 2003 and is highly regarded as one of the best-animated show to date.

Jiufen has always been associated with the movie since it first came out. Although the director Hayao Miyazaki disclaim rumours that Jiufen is the inspiration behind the Spirited Away, the many coincidences in the show to the former made many think otherwise.
The food-centric town with its narrow sloping lanes, red lanterns and stairs are a close resemblance to the movie set.

Ah Mei Teahouse
Ah Mei Teahouse

One of the main buildings, the 100 year old Ah Mei Teahouse is said to have a kindred link with the main building in Spirited Away - The Bathhouse.

Spirited Away Bath House
As a result of the association, Ah Mei Teahouse became a must-visit for both the Anime fans and the casual tourist. Since we are visiting Jiufen with a tour group and have 2 hours to spare there, we decided to make a booking with Klook for an Amei Teahouse experience.

View from Ah Mei Teahouse

The booking allowed us to skip the line and get fast track entry to Jiufen's most iconic building. Even though we were early for our booking slot, they had allowed us to utilize the booking. We were ushered to the balcony where we were greeted with a magnificent view of the mountain.

Ah Mei Teahouse experience
Each booking includes Oolong Tea and classic Taiwanese snacks for us to savour while we enjoy the breathtaking view.

Taiwanese Snacks
The staff also showed us the right way of making tea. Unlike tea that simply comes brew in a pot, it was brew right in front of us.
Ah Mei Tea
If we had not taken a tour, we would probably stay at the Teahouse for a tad longer. It was a relaxing experience compared to the hustle and bustle of Jiufen narrow street.

You can also purchase the tea from Ah Mei Teahouse.
Tea from Ah Mei

Souvenir Teacups are available for sale as well.
Ah Mei Teacups
How to get to Ah Mei Teahouse?

If you are travelling from Taipei, you could get a Jiufen Shuttle Bus from Ximen. This shuttle provides you transportation to Jiufen and Shifen for both Day and Night. You can also opt for a longer tour that includes Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, Shifen and Golden Waterfall from Taipei.

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Ah Mei Teahouse

A-MEI Tea House


224, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Ruifang District, 市下巷20號

AMap to AH Mei

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