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Paul Immigrations Reviews : Making Singapore Home

Singapore has been constantly ranked on polls as one of the top 5 places to work and live. 

It is hardly surprising considering the high standard of living, low crime rate, renowned educational system, economic and political stability. As a result, this modern metropolis is deemed as a top destination for many who yearn to call this little red dot home.

With shows like Crazy Rich Asians that promote the high life of this city-state, it is hardly surprising that the Lion City had become a magnet for those seeking a glamorous place to stay. Being a Singaporean with ancestors who were migrants, it is understandable why people would think that the grass is always greener on the other side.

The reality of being a local spin a different tale. To be Singaporean, it means more than just glitz and glamour. It is about wanting to build a better place for ourselves and to keep it in a pristine state for our next generations. We take pride in our achievements in a nation that despite her young age and small size, she can punch way above her weight in the international arena.

For those who travelled beyond the sunny shores, it will be apparent how much this city-state has achieved so much with how little she had. For a place with limited resources, land and natural attractions, it is an amazing accomplishment how we had grown to be rank 1st in the world for being the most competitive nation while boosting a GDP that is rank 3rd in the world by the IMF and the World Bank. 

On the flip side, we are considered one of the world’s most expensive place to live in and is well known for ‘kiasuism’ - a by-product of competitiveness that had incorporated into our lifestyle. The term is part of the local-speak or Singlish that means fear of missing out on something. To be a true red Singaporean, you need to learn to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Even with the ‘high cost’ tag, there are plenty to be thankful

Racial Harmony
We are not simply defined as Chinese, Malay, Indians or Eurasians. We are Singaporeans. Here, the multi-culture ethos runs deep. Having seen the worst of racist riots back in the 1960s, we had learned to respect each other’s culture. As Singapore’s founding Father Mr Lee once famously said - the country is ‘not a Malay nation, not a Chinese nation, not an Indian nation. Everybody will have a place in Singapore '

Affordable Housing

There are houses that cost millions in this little red dot. The founder of Dyson recently bought a castle in the sky for a staggering $73.8 million while the co-founder of Facebook who took up citizenship bought a penthouse for a massive $60 million. At the same breath, housing for the locals and PRs are relatively affordable with public housing such as HDB costing as low as $260,000 for a three-bedroom apartment. Additionally, there are government grants of up to $160,000 for citizens. Grants are also allocated to PR household that has at a Singapore Citizen. Homeless persons are a rarity in Singapore.

The Nation has one of the top education systems in the world, with the republic scoring a top 5 position in Education ranking in 2020 by World Population Review. Every citizen is given an equal opportunity to succeed regardless of background. School fees are also highly subsidized for locals with free primary education and subsidised secondary and pre-university fee at $5 and $6 respectively. Average university fees are at $27000 for a three-year course. Fees would also be subsidised for PRs at a lower rate.

In this City-State, crime rates are low compared to other developed nations. You can go out for a jog at night without apprehension of being mugged. Violent crimes with guns and weapons are almost non-existence due to strict gun rules and law enforcement.

Strong Defence

The little red dot is mighty with its defences. With the best air force and navy in South East Asia, she is no pushover. Moreover, Singapore men have an obligation to protect the nation via National Service where they served 2 years of active service and reservists thereafter. To be a citizen means protecting your nation and we embrace the service even if it meant time off from our personal lives.

Good Transport System
It is true that it usually takes less than an hour to travel to anywhere in the Lion City. Having an efficient transport system and an intricate highway system meant that you would spend less time commuting and more time on productive work or with your loved ones. The high car price may be a deterrent, but you are able to get to most parts of Singapore via Public Transport, eliminating the need for this expense.

Hassle-Free Global Travel
With a passport that is rank constantly at the top, travelling to most countries are usually hassle-free. With Visa-free travels and ease of visa approval, holding a Singapore Passport is highly convenient for Singaporeans for both work and play.


The Lion City is not merely a place for one to work. There are plenty of places to explore and to do. For starters, families with young kids would love Universal Studios and Singapore Zoo. Nature lovers would enjoy a walk around the reservoirs, Bukit Timah Hills and a visit to Gardens by the Bay. Malls are aplenty with a wide range of local and international food to sample. Even the Airport boost an impressive mall with the world's largest indoor waterfall!

If you are a party animal, the city sleeps late into the wee mornings with its pubs. ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’ would not apply here.

Despite these factors, one of the sticking points is Singapore’s fertility rates. At 0.83, it is the lowest in the world. At this rate, we risk being a demographic timebomb if we do not seek immigrants to replace the ageing workforce.

Taking the above factors as consideration, if these strikes you as a place to call home, a place where you want to build roots and participate in the building of a nation, you might want to consider taking the first step to call Singapore home, taking up Permanent Residency and eventually Citizenship.

Paul Immigrations

Applying for PR status is conveniently done online. However, to get it right, you might want to consider seeking consultancy from established firms like Paul Immigrations.  

Located at Suntec City, Paul Immigrations is the leading consultancy firm that specialises in the process of PR application. Since its establishment in 2016, it has over 15000 clients to date with high success rates with its application. Given its track record, it would be prudent to engage their services for the process.

For new applicants, the unfamiliarity with the process and the long paperwork might be a deterrence. Moreover, qualifications can be subjective, and first-timers might not qualify.  With many applicants, making one’s application to be noticed might need more than just simply fill in the blanks

Therefore, key expertise and insights are needed for a successful application. An agency can help you organise documentation needed, prepare additional essential documentation, create personalised cover letters and aid you in the entire process to maximize chances of approval and minimise the need for reapplication,

To check your qualifications, it will be best to set up an interview with the team via a telephone call. Information and profiling will be conducted to check for eligibility. Thereafter, it will be followed up by in-person appointment, submission of documents and application. The whole process will take a few months from start to completion.

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