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Giant @ Parkway Parade to close on 29 Feb 2020

If you shop at Giant @ Parkway Parade, do take note

Giant at Parkway Parade will shut its doors on Feb 29 2020.

It's a surprising move given that there is no news out on the closure.

Giant @ Parkway Parade had been operational for quite a while. During the 'panic buying,' you can see scores of people cleaning up the shelves at Giant. Given the popularity, it will be a surprising move.
Empty Rice Shelves during Panic Buying

Giant occupies half of the 5th floor of Parkway Parade, no word yet on whom will be taking over the premises.
Queues at Giant
If you still need your grocery fix, there is still Cold Storage at Parkway Parade and NTUC Finest across the Road at Marine Parade Central ( Previously Marine Parade Libary)

Shopping at Parkway Giant
We are going to miss our weekly grocery run at Giant!


  1. Rental hike? Lease ended? Fear of ang mo named Jack with his soya(bean) sorcery?

    1. Ang Mo Jacked... er I don't get this :)


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