Mustafa Center, Pat School House Kovan and Paya Lebar Methodists Church : Areas of Concern

The latest update on Coronovirus is out.

There are 3 new cases today. Of the 3 new cases, 3 locations stood out

Mustafa Centre
Case 42, a 39 Male Bangladesh was said to have visited the area before he was admitted on 7 Feb. His symptoms first appear on 1 Feb. There are no details on his visit.

Mustafa Center is the location where you could see daily long queues for face mask. Risk of infection in transient public areas is assessed to low. However, if he is one of the many who queue for the mask, there will be potential exposure

Paya Lebar Methodist Church
Case 41, 71 Male Singapore Citizen visited the church. There is no confirmation that he had attended service when he is ill. If he did, prolong exposure is possible.

Symptoms appeared on 1 Feb, Admitted on 7 Feb

Pat's School House Kovan 
Case 41 is the Grandfather of a child who studies at Pat's School House Kovan. He brings his grandchild to school. Grandchild status is unknown.

We stress that the risk of infection in Transient public area is assessed to be low. There is no cause for alarm, This is for awareness and self-monitoring if you are in the vicinity during the period.

Source: MOH 

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