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Play United @ Kinex Review - Singapore's largest Claw Machine Arcade!

Claw Machines fans rejoice!

Play United @ Kinex
Play United has opened Singapore's largest claw machine arcade. Spanning over 10,000 sq ft with over 200 Machines, it is a haven for the claw machines fanatics!

We love this game!

Play United is not new to the Claw Machine Scene. In fact, they are one of the bigger players in town. They are well known for having claw machines at Pasar Malam and had since open permanent shops at Hougang, Tanjong Pagar and Yew Tee Point. They are set to conquer the East with the biggest Play United centre at Kinex. This is also Singapore's largest claw machine centre in town.

As self proclaim claw fanatics, we had played at many claw machines arcades both locally and overseas. In terms of win rates, we always stuck gold at Play United. Our best win was 6 wins for $10 spend a Play United.

You can watch our Claw Machines Wins on our Youtube Channel

Depending on the setup, there are some machines that require one try while others require a few times to conquer it. Claws may not be strong, so you need a combination of luck and skill to win.
Win Gadgets!

In addition to the regular plushies claw machines, there are more 'challenging' claws at Play United. You have setups that allow you to catch gadgets as well.

Unlock a Prize 

Other machines include playing a game of accuracy on the screen to unlock a prize.
For the opening weekend (28 Feb to 1 March), every $30 token change entitle you to a sure catch lucky claw ball. You would stand to win free tokens to the grand prize of Nintendo Switch Lite!


The plushies you get in the machines are a mix of generic and copies of popular characters. You can choose to keep your winnings for trade up for other toys.
Bag and Giant Plushies
Here is a peek of what you could change. This is probably the biggest prize area Play United had in its centre.
Change for Bigger Stuff
Each item will have it's own value.  You are allowed to accumulate the points using Play United app.
Prize area

Other than Giant Plushies, you can also find speakers, bags, earphones and other interesting items at the Prize area.
Electronics Goods

There are even handphones and occasional TV for you to change too!
Nintendo Switch, Smartphones and more!

PlayUnited @ Kinex Over 200 Claw Machines!

Each play cost 1 token. For $10 purchase, you get 2 gree. Effectively, this is $0.83 per play. It's not as low as Taiwan, but with the high win rate, it's quite worth it.


The largest Claw Machine Arcade is located at the following address

Play United
Kinex , Basement
11 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437157

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