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COVID-19 Global update : Italy death rate is more than China, Wuhan has Zero new infection

The Epicenter has confirmed to have shifted from Asia to Europe.

While Asia is making progress in containment, Europe has appeared to spiral out of control. IT was reported that the origin of the virus - Chain had reported zero local cases, while Italy deaths exceed China with half the number of confirmed cases.

Unlike China, where draconian measures like locking down cities started during the early days of the virus spread, Europe had only introduced the measures recently after the numbers spike uncontrollably. In addition, it is not completely enforced with movements still possible in the countries affected.

A worrying trend
Death Rates is unusually high in Italy
At 3405 vs 41035, it has a rate of 8.29 % vs the global average of 4%. The rates are unusually high and had now exceeded China.

The total of new cases in Europe in a day is more than Asia combined
Without proper control, it will get worse. This raises the risk of imported cases to other regions including Asia from Europe.

US has almost doubled its new cases in one day
Numbers jumped from  2848 to 4557 in one day. US has 13816 cases

Malaysia and Australia numbers now exceed Singapore
Singapore confirmed cases was more than these 2 Asia Pacific Countries last week. This week, Malaysia has almost 3 times as much cases while Australia had doubled the cases on Singapore

Indonesia reported the highest deaths in ASEAN
Despite lower numbers than Singapore, Indonesia has a death rate of 25. At 308 declared cases, the rate of 8.11% is only second to Italy

What does it mean for Singapore?
Influx of imported cases from Europe and US spike. 
Over the past 3 days, 74 imported cases are reported in Singapore. The bulk of those are from Europe and US.

Advisory to Recall of Overseas Singaporeans Students
Students on official overseas placements have been asked to return to Singaporeans soon as possible by MFA

ALL visitors are required to serve Stay Home Notice of 14 days  upon arrival after March 20  2359
ALL Singaporeans, PR, LTPH and Short Term Pass have to serve 14 days SHN. For Short Term Pass, they have to provide proof of place they will serve 14 day SHN before entry. ASEAN visitors are to submit requisite health information for approval before travelling.

MOH had issued advisory to defer all travel
Due to the increase in imported cases. MOH has issued an advisory to defer all travel. Given that a slew of countries denying entries to visitors ( EU, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines ,etc), it may be wise to defer travel plans till the situation stabilises.

 Full list of countries that have travel bans and restrictions here

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