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Additional Measures for events and gatherings : Wedding, religious events and attractions impacted

New measures to limit future events until Jun 30.

All events and gatherings with 250 or more participants attending at any one time must be suspended. Prior to this, only ticketed cultural, sports and entertainment events are to be limited to fewer than 250 participants. New measures are also in place for Public Venues, Entertainment venues and attractions.

What does this mean?

Events and Gatherings
Events and gatherings are required to implement space seating and reduced mingling at all times.
This would mean religious events, weddings, funerals, showflats, company dinner have to adhere to this,

In addition, events and gatherings must comply with existing guidelines. This includes

  • Improving ventilation and advising participants to reduce contact with others.
  • Put in place temperature and health screening measures. They are to turn away people who are unwell.
  • Put in place measures to facilitate contact tracing if needed. This includes obtaining contact details of participants
Video : How this measure will impact weddings and religious gatherings

Public Venue

  • Public Venue operators are to ensure separations of at least 1m between people.
  • Queues outside restaurants or retail stores should be kept fast-moving.
  • Queues could be demarcated to ensure customers line up at least 1 m from each other.
  • Food and beverages venue should maintain a distance of at least 1 m between tables and between seats. If seats are fixed  - alternate seats should be marked out. Family members are allowed to sit together but there should be a safe distance maintained between different groups.

This would impact queuing for discounts at restaurants and other retail outlets.

Entertainment Venues and Attractions

This applies to cinemas, theatres, theme parks, casinos, museum and galleries

  • To ensure the 1-meter separation
  • To reduce operating capacity to provide more spacing, installing floor markets at queuing areas and adopt chequered board or alternate seatings

Given what we see at the queues at Universal Studios and Gardens By the Bay today, the rulings could not come fast enough. With the sharp spikes in cases, the closing of public attractions, for now, might even be warranted as the measures introduced might not be possible to implement.

Crowds at Gardens by the Bay  an USS today ( Image credit from Singapore Atrium Sale)

Why this is implemented?
Patterns of transmission among locally transmitted cases found that many were infected during events and social gathers, as well as interactions between colleagues at the workplace.

This is probably the last resort before a full lockdown. If we still continue to ignore the warnings and the numbers continue to increase, don't be surprise that lockdown might occur as early as the next week.

Consider this as a warning.

Source : MOH
Cover Photo Credit : Singapore Atrium Sale

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