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Covid19 Global Update : The spread accelerates.

The spread of Covid-19 has accelerated in the world.

In a day, the world added 29,710 cases. The highest to date.

The most dangerous place is now the safest place
China has reported zero local transmission for 2 days in row. While this is good news, there is a risk of another spike as imported cases are on the rise. Nonetheless, compared to other regions, the original Epicenter is now the world's 'safest place.

US joins Italy in the 5000+ new transmission
The danger signs had pointed to the US is another country that would have the numbers increasing. With the delayed response and political bottleneck, the window to stop the virus had closed. It reported 5406 cases in 1 day, the 2nd highest behind Italy.

2 states, California and New York had already issued lockdown orders. Ironically these are also the entry points for flights from Singapore.

Given the high number, it is surprising that it is not included in the countries that are ban from entry to Singapore. Visitors from the US are also NOT issued SHN until today. Since the spread would have taken place days ago before the results are out. It is now a potential 'time bomb' in Singapore with visitors and locals allowed travel or work in Singapore.

Singapore continues to see a rise in imported cases

Imported cases hit 87 imported cases in 3 days


March 20
UK- 15

March 19
UK- 12
Europe- 5
US -2

March 18
UK - 8
Europe- 10
US - 6
India- 1

From March4 - March 1, you could refer here.

Despite UK and USA numbers increasing, there is NO travel ban imposed. Travel Bans for Short term visitors only apply to Mainland China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, South Korea and Spain.

Additional Measures for events and gatherings with fewer than 250 participants
A slew of measures is introduced. Event more than 250 people are cancelled till Jun 2020. Events of less than 250 participants have restrictive measures.

 Full details of the measures can be found here

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